11 Lip Smacking Salsa Recipes Make Perfect Dips With Nachos

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Each of us like our food in our unique ways that pleases our  palate, while some like it simple with subtle flavours, others like it robust and packed with flavours. Some of us fill ourselves with appetizers, and knick-knacks, others like their main course more. Here is a list for those who love their tit bits with some flavour burst in their mouth with these drool worthy salsas.

Salsa is a Mexican dip, that's ideally a mish mash of chunky vegetables like juicy tomatoes, combined with onions, green chillies, some fresh herbs and a splash of freshly squeezed lemon juice. 

Although the authentic recipe uses tomato as the main ingredient, there are salsa that can be made with other ingredients like, fruits- pineapples, kiwis, mangoes, strawberries, avocados and, vegetables like corn, cucumbers, legumes like pinto beans are equally popular salsas. 

These Salsa recipes can be served with Homemade Nachos Recipe. They are also served over dishes like Loaded Veggie Nachos Recipe - A Delicious Mexican Appetizer or Homemade Loaded Chicken Nachos Recipe

They are used as part of the filling in burritos and served along with Quesadillas like Chickpea and Broccoli Quesadilla Recipe or  Chicken Chilli Cheese Quesadillas Recipe

Salsas can be used to serve along with any appetizers, that goes well with its flavours and textures. So go out there and try these salsas in your kitchen, that can literally be put together in a jiffy.