10 Incredible Open Toast Recipes You Will Love For Breakfast Or Snack

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We always end up looking for quick recipes which every member of the family enjoys and also which we can  serve for breakfast or pack for kids lunch box and even serve up as evening snacks- well the solution for all  is making an open toast. An Open Toast is made up of a slice of bread topped with one or more savoury or sweet food item. 

You can combines various vegetables and deli meats and serve them on a nice toasted bread for a nutritious substitute  to the common bread and cheese toast. Bread is versatile and goes with various flavour toppings. Open toasts can be baked , grilled or made on a pan.These open toast are less messy to eat as they can be eaten with a fork and knife. 

Make an Open toast with brown bread or multigrain bread to make them more nutritious. Here is a list of ten open toast recipes that you can make. These yummy crunchy open toast recipes will leave you and your family wanting for more.

  • 1. Spicy and Creamy Achari Mushroom Open Toast Recipe

    Spicy and Creamy Achari Mushroom Open Toast Recipe is a delicious snack or a breakfast recipe which can be prepared in 20 minutes. Serve this with a smoothie of your choice for a filling breakfast. Mushrooms are a powerhouse of nutrition and should be included in your diet.

  • 2. Open Toast With Egg, Tomato & Spinach Recipe

    Open Toast with Egg, Tomato and Spinach recipe is power packed with nutrition to give you the right start you need to start your day. Serve it with a hot cup of tea or coffee for a fulfilling breakfast. 

  • 3. Italian Open Toast Recipe With Grilled Ham, Cheese & Olives

    Italian Open Toast Recipe with Grilled Ham, Cheese and Olives is a classic, all time favorite recipe. This Open toast is usually baked to get the melted cheese on top of the toast but can be made on a pan. Just cover the pan up with a lid to get the gooey melted cheese on top. Make Italian Open Toast  as a quick breakfast or snack or serve up at a party.


  • 4. Broccoli Pesto Open Toast Recipe

    Broccoli Pesto Open Toast Recipe is a Delicious Quick Toast Recipe and another way to get Broccoli in your kids tummy.  Try making fresh pesto at home to replace store bought pesto. These open toasts make excellent evening snacks for the kids or serve them as a party appetizer. Add a salad or pasta serving on the side and turn it into a full meal which can be served for a weeknight dinner.

  • 5. Cheesy Corn And Onion Toasts Recipe

    Cheesy Corn and Onion Toast Recipe is a quick and yummy recipe which u can serve for breakfast and your kids will surely enjoy them. It is simple to make and can be prepared in 20 minutes. Serve these with smoothie 

  • 6. Basil And Mushroom Toast With Thai Red Chilli Recipe

    Basil and Mushroom Toast with Thai Red Chili Recipe is a tasty open toast recipe for all mushroom lovers. You can adjust the spice level in the toast  by the amount of chilies you add in the topping.Make this recipe for a game night , serve it up as a party appetizer or as an evening snack. 

  • 7. Chilli Cheese Toast Recipe - Breakfast Bread Pizza

    Yes you read it right, Pizza for breakfast. Chili Cheese Toast Recipe is a twist on the classic pizza which is easy to prepare and can be made for breakfast, kids party appetizers and can also had as a evening snack.  You can add any vegetables that are available in your pantry to make this toast more nutritious. 

  • 8. Avocado Salsa Open Multigrain Toast With Fried Egg Recipe

  • 9. Open Toast Macaroni Recipe

    Make this open toast Macaroni Recipe for breakfast. This recipe has a tangy cheesy flavors which is loved by all. Serve this with a glass of fresh juice.

  • 10. Cheesy Spinach Open Toast Recipe

    Cheesy Spinach Open Toast is a lip-smacking appetizer with the delicious combination of spinach and cheese. This creamy spinach toast adds fiber and nutrients to your diet. Make your tea time special by serving these toast, or serve them up as a delicious appetizer for your next party., 


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