13 Quick & Instant Microwave Recipes You Must Try

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In today's times, all of us are multi tasking, getting things in order both in our personal and professional life. We want to give our best at work, do all that we can for ourselves and our families and strike a work life balance. The usage of gadgets and technology helps us achieve this to a large extent . 

Back at home, one such kitchen gadget is the microwave, that is not just used to reheat food, but also helps churn out some instant recipes in a jiffy. 

Microwave cooking today, is a huge segment. Apart from being used only for reheating, microwaves are also used for cooking. Microwaves are found in almost all households and is by far the most useful kitchen gadget. 

The heat created inside a microwave is enough to put out say a halwa, or even a quick dhokla. The powerful heat the microwave emits, can cook a dish, eliminating the rawness of the ingredients. 

From 2 minute cakes to an instant omelette for one, and dhoklas to ladoos, believe it or not but yes these can be cooked in the microwave. So do try out these microwave recipes, and tell us how they turned out.