19 Sindhi Recipes That You Will Absolutely Love

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Across our Indian continent, live people from diverse cultures, speaking different regional languages, varying cuisines, and various rituals.  Each of these are communities, where many a times the people live in a specific region and dwell together. One such community is that of the Sindhis. 

The Sindhis are from the Sindh region of undivided India that now belongs to Pakistan. In 1947, after the partition, most of the Sindhis migrated to India, and some to the rest of the world. 

They worship the lord called Jhulelal, who sits on a fish and  uses it as its vehicle. They celebrate festivals such as Cheti Chand, Teejri, Thadri, Mahalakshmi ja sagra, Tira Moori, Chandraat are a few to name.  They speak the Sindhi language, whose script is essentially urdu, written from right to left.  The Sindhi cuisine is rather unique, their food is robust and spicy.

Lotus stem, onions, brinjal, potatoes, are a few favourite ingredients used to make the authentic food of the Sindhi cuisine.  So here we bring to you a collection of Sindhi Recipes that you must try in your kitchen.