Everyday Meal Plate : Onion Rava Dosa, Peanut Chutney and Murungakka Vendhya Keerai Sambar

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A meal plate with South Indian specialities, all typically consumed for breakfast will make for a perfect brunch or even dinner time when you want to keep it light. Dosa is almost everyone’s favourite and with this recipe of Rava Dosa, there is no need for fermentation of batter. Every meal that we consume, we must strive to make it a wholesome meal. So this meal plate is easy to make and takes about than an hour to prepare your dishes and serve the dosas hot and crispy to make a lip smacking meal. 

So in today’s meal plate, we have an instant Rava Dosa recipe popular in all of South Indian The texture of crispy on the outside and soft on the inside with onions that add a subtle hint of sweetness. Every Dosa has to be teemed with chutney, so we’ve chosen a delicious peanut chutney. A Dosa meal plate is not complete without a sambar to go with it - Murungakkai Vendhya Keerai Sambar has a healthy mix of greens and vegetables which makes it a complete meal. 

In today’s meal plate:

1. Onion Rava Dosa Recipe (Spiced Semolina Crepe)

Made with Rava or Semolina, all it takes is 15 minutes to mix and soak for all the ingredients to blend well. This Dosa batter does not even require pre planning and grinding. Making the batter with buttermilk gives is nice tangy taste, you can also add water if you are short on buttermilk.

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Onion Rava Dosa

2. High-Protein Peanut Chutney Recipe (Indian Style Peanut Chutney Without Coconut)

This chutney is a high protein one, with the goodness of peanuts, urad dal and channa dal. Roasting the dals bring out the flavour in them making this chutney not only healthy but delicious as well.

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Peanut Chutney

3. Murungakkai Vendhaya Keerai Sambar Recipe (Drumstick and Fenugreek Greens Sambar)

Drumstick and fenugreek greens are both known to purify the blood and lowering the cholesterol, toor to make this meal plate a delicious one.  dal in the sambar makes this a protein filled dish, thereby making this Sambar a healthy option to make this meal plate a delicious one. 

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Murungakkai Vendhaya Kerai Sambar