Here's A Delicious Meal Of Mushroom Shagoti, Broccoli Soup, Salad & Rice

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Here is a delicious and wholesome meal plate which has Mushroom Shagoti, Rajma Corn Salad, Almond Broccoli Soup & some Steamed Rice that you can make for a weeknight dinner. Notice that this meal is packed with a lot of proteins and good fats. The rajma salad is packed with proteins and broccoli almond soup which comes with a lot of vitamins and minerals that are required for healthy body and mind. 

Tip For Good Meal: Pack each meal -  breakfast, lunch and dinner with proteins. Proteins are building blocks - which help build and repair muscles and important for maintaining our done density as well. 

Here is an article, where we share the guidelines for eating healthy - Guidelines for Healthy Eating Using Portion Control

1. Mushroom Shagoti Recipe 

A medley of freshly roasted whole spices combined with coconut, this Mushroom Shagoti Recipe is an authentic goan curry that is bursting with flavours. With a hint of sourness from the tamarind and richness from the poppy seeds and mushroom as a star ingredient, this Indian recipe is something different from the usual and worth a try.

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Mushroom Shagoti

2. Broccoli Almond Soup Recipe

This Broccoli Almond Soup Recipe is a wholesome soup packed with nutrients. Creamy and delicious, this soup consists of  Broccoli and some almonds for texture, flavour and a little extra protein, you end up with a nutritionally balanced meal that tastes great. Broccoli is high in many nutrients, mainly protein and it also includes fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K, iron and potassium. 

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Broccoli almond Soup

3. Rajma and Corn Salad Recipe

Rajma and Corn Salad Recipe is a healthy salad  packed with protein and a healthy option for a light snack. It's crunchy, sour, spicy & a tiny hint of sweetness from the corn. It surely won't disappoint you! This can be served as a snack as well and fills up a good portion of our daily protein requirement. You can also serve Carrot, Radish & Peanut Salad with Lemon Recipe with your meal.

rajma and con salad


4. Steamed Rice 

Simple plain steamed rice is perfect to serve with this meal. You can cook rice in saucepan as well as pressure cooker. You can also make Jeera Rice, if you want to add a hint of flavour in your rice.

Steamed Rice