Eggplant is one of those versatile vegetables which works for everything from Italian to Asian recipes. But here we will talk about delicious and flavourful Indian gravies which you can make using Eggplant. From South Indian, Bengali to Rajasthani, these curries are delicious with lots of flavour from the local spices used in these dishes.

Summers are here with the scorching sun upon us with full strength. The heat apart from being uncomfortable, can also be draining and deplete us of our energy.

Tart is a filled pastry with an open top that is usually made with shortbread dough. The dough of all-purpose flour is used to make tarts with a resting time of at least 30 minutes. Today many kinds of sweeter and tangy tarts are popular from the French cuisine but during the earliest days of tart making, savory fillings were the major ones within tarts. As people found their unending love for desserts, creamy custard and artfully arranged fresh fruits of the season made an entry into tarts. Sweet versions of tart today are unique party desserts, wherein their savory version is served as appetizer or as a part of elaborate French & Continental main course.

Our love for Chaats has no end to it. The fusion of spicy, sweet and tangy taste makes us crave for more.Each state has a different style and recipe of making chaats. The same samosa chaat made in Delhi is different from the one in Bangalore. Let's look at the popular chaat corners of the country.

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, therefore we should make sure that it is healthy, filling and delicious at the same time. But we always end up eating something which is quick to make, because of our busy schedules and morning chaos.

Be it a house party or any special occasion, we usually get confused on what to cook for the family or guests. Well, if you are a non vegetarian, it's always difficult to settle on 2 to 3 dishes from a wide variety of options. In India, we have cuisines from different states which are made using local spices which makes these dishes different from each other. Every dish has a different taste and is full with flavour from the local spices.

Breakfast in our view, is the most important meal of a day and also the one most of us skip. It is easy to get caught up with daily chores early in the morning and completely forget about our breakfast. But breakfast is equally important to have a good energetic day.

The varieties when it comes to breakfast is countless, porridges, rolls, omelettes, pancakes et al, the choices are endless, which can get a little overwhelming when you are hungry and need to cook as well. To make it a little less stressful for you, we have listed down some breakfast recipes that are not only healthy but are super delicious at the same time.

The best way to lead a healthy life is know what goes into your food. To know your food you need to have good knowledge about the Ingredients that you use in your day to day cooking. Root vegetables are one of the ingredients that has always been our household Key vegetables for over 5000 years so far. They have also been a staple food for most of the South American and Asian dishes. It is often assumed that it is tough to make a dish out of these root vegetables but at Archana’s Kitchen we make it simpler for you by listing out few recipes that can be made delicious and healthy as well.

Beans are the most used vegetable in our day to day cooking, and using it by knowing its nutritional value makes it more happy for us. It's always very important to know our ingredients and it's benefits while eating. Beans are low in fat and protects our heart. They are packed with proteins and rich in all other essential nutrients and also help reduce body fat and is the world's best vegetable for weightloss. Beans also are a great source of fibre, vitamin A and antioxidants. There are many variations in Beans and all of it carry equal amount of nutritional values. You can use them in salads, soups, pasta, side dishes and snacks, curries and much more. 

Comfort foods are those which are great to have when we are not completely fit owing to illness or low mood. Comfort foods are those foods that digest with ease and are not heavy on the digestive system, which will usually not be functioning at its best in case we are suffering from ailments. Various parts of the world have specific group of comfort foods to be served during illness.

Mornings can be very hectic, especially for people who have early morning reporting at work. In this hurry, we usually skip our breakfast in the morning and substitute it with a snack. Well, as we all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, one should not miss it. Eating healthy and filling breakfast keeps you energised the whole day and is good for your health too.

This season indulge yourselves in the delicious taste of some splendour strawberries. Strawberries are our absolute favourite, period. We love how these gorgeously heart shaped berries do not only look and taste amazing, but easily blend with almost everything. Biting into the juiciness of strawberries is an absolute delight in itself, but you can switch things up and incorporate them in some lip smackingly taste dishes.

Poori is a deep fried Indian bread more often made with whole wheat flour. Recipe for pooris/puris differ with regions. Various spices, grated or mashed vegetables or minced greens can be added to prepare a variety of puris. Though this bread is used primarily to scoop up spicy side dishes, the flavour of poori by addition of spices, jaggery or veggies add to the lusciousness of the one dish.

Moong Dal, an Indian superfood is packed with protein and low on carbs and calories. You can either have the yellow moong dal or the whole green moong dal. The yellow moong dal is easier to digest and the green moong dal is rich in fibre because of it's outer covering. There are multiple ways of consuming them, either soak it and pressure cook it for a nice curry, or wait till it gets sprouts and make salad or sabzi out of it. Moong Dal is great for weight loss because of the rich protein content that breaks down the fat in the body. The Curry, Sabzis that you make from Moong Dal can be had for lunch or dinner, even packed for lunch box. You can use the sprouted Moong Dal to make a salad out of it for your evening snacks. Today we have listed 8 healthy recipes that you can make from Moong Dal. Do try them and tell us how it was. 

Monsoon and cold seasons are great time when we crave for crisps and chips. Crispy flat breads are majorly deep fried or baked to make firm and crackling chips. Crisps range from sweet to sharp spicy. It would always be heavenly to have the crisps along with an apt dip. Be it a warm dip like hummus or cold Mexican salsa, the dips provide that fusion of a different set of flavour & texture that compliments the crispiness of chips or nachos. This melange of flavours add taste to either an artwork that we enjoy during our leisure time or a work of fiction telecasted.

A day of content is one when you have an early dinner and a calm time later lazing around with family, friends or with your favourite hobby before you hit the bed. That is also the best way to digest the food that we have had. Hence it is always good to eat light during dinner time such that the body is not heavy with undigested food when you sleep. Having a dinner free of dairy products will be lighter on tummy and aids in faster digestion.

This weekend treat yourself and your family to some super delicious authentic Chettinad meal.

It is said that Lunch is an important meal of the day as it provides nourishment to the brain and body. It also provides a break from the activities of the day and gives you energy for the remaining day. Therefore eating wholesome meal is important, but with the busy life we end up eating less. To make your lunch a wholesome meal, you can always include a raita on the side with your favourite curry and phulka/rice. 

Packing lunch box for kids can be a daunting task given the fuss and havoc kids create when it comes to food.

Mason jars are named after John Landis Mason which is a molded glass jar used to preserve food. Storing them in mason jars also makes it easy to eat and re-use the jars. You can have everything from an Ice-Cream to Parfaits to Cheese Cakes in a Jar. Today, we have listed out 6 delicious recipes that you can make and place them in a mason jar. They are packed with nutrients in a tiny jar and can be carried and had on the go. 

Parsis are known for their love for food, music and adaptability. Parsi recipes have a varied taste of sweet in hot & savoury dishes. They spend hours of time cooking exorbitant recipes for feast and special occasions. Due to the Iranian roots, coconut is considered as an exotic ingredient and is a part of occasional recipes and ceremonies. Parsi garam masala, Dhansak masala, and sambhar masala is extensively used in the Parsi kitchens. The sweetish taste in their recipes is attributed to various forms of sugar and palm sugar, cardamom, rose water, nutmeg, clove and cinnamon.

All most all of us get those sweet cravings very often and we stop ourselves from eating sweets because of the sugar count in it. But today, we at Archana's Kitchen have come out with 6 delicious sugar free recipes that you can blindly eat without thinking about the sugar content. We have made good use of Dates, Honey, fruits like Apples and Banana, Prunes, Cranberries and Pomegranate seeds to add the sweetness to the dish.

You can make these recipes as a after dinner dessert when you have a family/friend dinner part at home or for your evening snacks with Chai. These are also considered healthy for the kids as there is a lot of nutrients that's come from the nuts, fruits, yogurt and Chia Seeds. 

Today we have Sugar Free Pineapple Dates Cake Recipe, Muesli Oats Cupcake Filled with Yogurt and Strawberries Recipe, Glazed Apples and Banana Wheat Crumb Tart Recipe, Muesli Peanut Butter Energy Bars Recipe,  and Baked Muesli Tart with Strawberry Yogurt and Chia Seeds Recipe. Hope you enjoy them.

Eating healthy is a solution to all the body problems. When we tend to eat healthy food, we can always see significant change happening to our body. We are more energetic, makes us feel great about our body and it even helps to fight many diseases. As it is rightly said, ‘Health isn’t a goal, it’s a way of living'.

We definitely believe 'Life is better when you eat Nutella'. Nutella as it is serves like elixir, but it is amazing how this tiny jar of chocolate hazelnut spread can be used to create some delicious recipes. Nutella is an absolute favourite amongst kids and adults alike, and can come in handy when you are having those sugar cravings.