8 High Protein Moong Dal Recipes That Are Wholesome & Delicious

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Moong Dal, an Indian superfood is packed with protein and low on carbs and calories. You can either have the yellow moong dal or the whole green moong dal. The yellow moong dal is easier to digest and the green moong dal is rich in fibre because of it's outer covering. There are multiple ways of consuming them, either soak it and pressure cook it for a nice curry, or wait till it gets sprouts and make salad or sabzi out of it. Moong Dal is great for weight loss because of the rich protein content that breaks down the fat in the body. The Curry, Sabzis that you make from Moong Dal can be had for lunch or dinner, even packed for lunch box. You can use the sprouted Moong Dal to make a salad out of it for your evening snacks. Today we have listed 8 healthy recipes that you can make from Moong Dal. Do try them and tell us how it was.