20 Wholesome & Healthy Recipes You Can Make From Beans For Lunch Or Dinner

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Beans are the most used vegetable in our day to day cooking, and using it by knowing its nutritional value makes it more happy for us. It's always very important to know our ingredients and it's benefits while eating. Beans are low in fat and protects our heart. They are packed with proteins and rich in all other essential nutrients and also help reduce body fat and is the world's best vegetable for weightloss. Beans also are a great source of fibre, vitamin A and antioxidants. There are many variations in Beans and all of it carry equal amount of nutritional values. You can use them in salads, soups, pasta, side dishes and snacks, curries and much more. 

So how do you store Beans? 

The Green Beans, Cluster Beans and long Beans can be neatly wrapped in a Kitchen cloth and then in a ziplock bag and stored in the refrigerator for at least a week. While buying it make sure there are no any brown spots on the beans and look for once that are green and tender.

The Broad Beans can be either stored as it is and peel it when you require or peel the pods and store only the beans in a airtight container to remain fresh till you use it. This is again usually good for a week's time to be refrigerated. 

Green Beans

Also known as French Beans is a great source of Fibre and Proteins. They are low in fat, as low as 0.1 g of fat per 100gms of Beans. You can make numerous dishes out the Green Beans, right from soups to main course. To name a few we have, Green Beans Salad Recipe. You can also mix it  with other ingredients like tofu/paneer to make a Biryani or Pulao or even a curry. Look at the Tofu Green Pulao Recipe

Cluster Beans

Another vegetable from the Beans family that is so rich in nutrients that helps you increase you bone strength, reduce blood sugar level and good during pregnancy. The famous dish in Karnataka is the Gorikai Palya Recipe that taste so delicious with Phulka. In Tamil Nadu, it's the famous Kothavarangai Poriyal Recipe that people enjoy with Rice and Rasam. 

Broad Beans

Also known as Surti Lilva in Hindi and Avarekalu in Kannada. A household bean in Karnataka and the most popular dish being the Avarekalu Rotti. Broad Beans is rich in dietary fiber and Protein, as much as 8% for every 100 gms. It has no cholesterol and great source of Vitamin A and C. 

Long Beans

It is easily available in the market. It helps controlling our blood sugar level, promotes the digestive system to a great extent. Indians loves making dishes out the Long Beans and to name a few we have, Karamani Poriyal, a South Indian style Poriyal that's prefered during festivals. You can also try a mixed veg curry and combine all the nutrients together, like the Oriya Style Ghanta Tarkari Recipe.