10 Impressive Combos Of Rajasthani Side Dishes To Make A Complete Meal

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Food from Rajasthan stands out with foods that needs less reheating and made with locally available dry vegetables, lentils and vegetative parts of plants, along with plenty of mutton and chicken on their menus. Greener veggies and leafy greens are a rare inclusion in Rajasthani meal due to the water scarcity and seasonal rains. They have profuse vegetarian delicacies due to Marwari cuisine and is rich in non-vegetarian recipes due to the influence of the royal Rajput cuisine as well. A variety of side dishes make the heart of the meal since the regular meal of Rajasthan is elaborate.

Kadi, maas, sabzi, dal and gosht are popular side dishes that are included in every day’s meal. Dal baati churma, dal baaple, or dal muthiya are a few of its popular one dish recipes that make a complete meal in themselves. But however, there are a plethora of side dishes that are made with besan, ker sangri, gunde, etc that are simply lip-smacking, to go well with bajri ki roti, makki ki roti, missi roti, khooba roti and more. Here are 10 impressive combinations of Rajasthani side dishes that are paired with various Indian breads or rice to make a scrumptious meal. Pick on a combination every time you want to try Rajasthani menu at home and enjoy the delightfully spicy and soothing combinations of dry sabzis and gravy curries to try on during the main course!