15 Lip Smacking Savory Tart Recipes That You Must Try

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Tart is a filled pastry with an open top that is usually made with shortbread dough. The dough of all-purpose flour is used to make tarts with a resting time of at least 30 minutes. Today many kinds of sweeter and tangy tarts are popular from the French cuisine but during the earliest days of tart making, savory fillings were the major ones within tarts. As people found their unending love for desserts, creamy custard and artfully arranged fresh fruits of the season made an entry into tarts. Sweet versions of tart today are unique party desserts, wherein their savory version is served as appetizer or as a part of elaborate French & Continental main course.

There are a plethora of possibilities of savory tart recipes. We can add continental ingredients, meat, bacon or fish as per preference and create creamy fillings of the tart. For vegetarians, melons, squashes, eggplant, bell peppers, sundried tomatoes, beans mixed with cream, cheese and more can be made to quiche, tarts and pies as need be. Well to tell you, there’s a thin distinction between these, with quiche usually having thicker filling than being creamy like tarts and pies also often come with an upper baked crust covering too. Make sure while you stretch out the homemade dough, do so between couple of parchment sheets to avoid requirement to dusting with flour. If you do it on countertop, you can brush the crust with butter or egg white before and after transferring to the tart mold. Even innovative tart bases like puff pastry dough or bread are also used to make tartlets, which are smaller tarts. Here are a few of the popular savory tart recipes that you can bake with ease and enjoy with all your friends and family for a Friday night or weekend.