In the world of decadent desserts, baked cakes have always had a special place to look for. Have you ever observed that the cakes are just the variations of bread?! Well, even we never keep our thoughts just to that.

Apple is a fruit that comes with a taken connotation that it is healthy. Other than the widely known benefits, there are a lot of visible healthy benefits of eating apples often.

Ramadan is considered as a holy Islamic month in many parts of the world and is marked very auspicious for the followers of the Islam. The fasting continues for the whole month and begins from sunrise to sunset. During this period people abstain from eating food and also give up all the personal desires to mark the holy month. During the fasting people consume meal two times a day, one is before the sunrise called as the “Suhoor”, and the latter is after the sunset which is called as “Iftar”.

Ramadan, also known as Ramzan in India, is the festival of Muslims, which is celebrated during the ninth month of their Islamic Calendar. During the Ramadan month, followers of Islam fast from the break of dawn and break their fast after the sunset by eating dates and milk before the food.

Most of us love the breakfasts that can be made in a jiffy and with less effort that goes into it, when we think about every day’s breakfast specifically during the working days. Working mornings are many-a-times overloaded with pressure to do things faster and run to attend to our work or studies. And then we tend to miss out on most important nutrition pump in the day, which is due to provide us energy to keep up with our tasks all day long.

Are you looking for recipes to make for your tea party during the monsoon? If yes, this is for you.

As the monsoon is just around the corner, we have come up with a tea party menu just for you. During rains, we crave for a hot cup of masala chai and it gets better if we get a plate of hot snacks along with it. We have many snack options but we often get confused about what to make for the same. Yes, we have our ‘Pyaaz Ke Pakode’ or ‘Dal Ke Pakode’ which we usually end up making during the monsoon, but this becomes repetetive and boring. So this time how about trying something new which you have not made before. 

India Vs Pakistan match is something that not just the people of India and Pakistan but the whole world looks forward to. We have all watched the first match in the current trophy series and it was rather not very daunting and did not drag us to the edge of our seats; all in all, it was an easy win for India. Yet again, we’re all set to await a nail biting match that will make us scream louder and louder with every ball that is bowled and every score that is hit. The untamed balls that hits the batsman with a slow left armer like Imad Waseem or a ball hit beyond boundary by Kohli will make us jump from our chairs! We all love the sore throat caused by screaming for a worthy match like this, isn’t it?!

Feeling sleepy, tired, headache or anything that makes you feel sad, the answer to that is a lip smacking cup of coffee. As it is rightly said,

 “When Life Gives You Lemons, Trade Them For Coffee”

There’s no season or time to have it, whenever there is a craving, there is a cup of coffee. For every coffee lover, the smell of coffee can only make them feel better! Whether you like it hot, cold or frozen, you're always ready for that lip smacking cup of bliss. 

Millets are the sturdy seeds that grow even in drought conditions and hence have the acquired immunity against a lot of adverse weather, making them a source of health and nutrition. Called by various names in India like Sanwa rice, moraiyo, oodalu or kuthiraivali in various languages, this millet can be used in many ways to bring it under consumption. This sanwa tastes much like rice when cooked and hence be used in many main course recipes as well.

Pizza is a food that has crossed the geographical borders of Italy and now has a universal acceptance, mainly sneaking into most of our weekend menus. While pizza and pasta are among the staple recipes of Europe, pizza is confined to being a dish that is often ordered from restaurants instead of being prepared at home.

Whether there is a festival or a special occasion in India, Dry Fruits are a must in every snack platter. Among the various dry fruits available, cashew nuts, the kidney shaped nuts are everyone’s favourite. We can just munch on them without even realising how many we had already. They are loved by each and everyone in the family, whether they are elders or even kids. While we can have them as it is, how about creating some lip smacking and absolutely mouth watering sweets from these cashews.

Food is a quintessential part in all our lives. Food becomes the main topic that brings people together. As Indian is vast with various regions there are lot to be discovered in each cuisines. The local produce, the way of cooking, the geographical features will all help in molding the cuisine to be unique. Every dish has its flavor developed from the right type spice blend that has been used. So every cuisine have their own way of making their own spice blend based on the availability of the spice. The freshly ground spice mix will always create a warmth and homely flavor that can be easily identified while you taste the food. 

Making a regular meal can be a task sometimes, as we don't want to repeat the vegetables as it gets boring and our family does enjoy it. On top of that, we have to select different vegetables for our meals so that the essential nutrients are fulfilled for the day. There are some regular vegetables which we use soon daily basis but there are also some which we don't use very often and one of them is Yam. It is a staple vegetable for West Africans and is included in their meals very often.

It feels so nice to have a get together at home. Having everyone whom we love and who we consider special in one place makes us so happy. The house parties always have that hangover of memories that will last for a long time. Parties can be themed differently according to the age group and the dietary preferences of the crowd participating.

An Indian kitchen is incomplete without methi or fenugreek leaves, also called as keerai in South India. It is one of the many green leafy vegetables that is used more as a herb in most cultures than it is used as a dietary food, but in India it is more of a staple vegetable. Fenugreek is an annual plant in the family Fabaceae with its leaves and seeds used across regions for medicinal and dietary purposes. India is the largest producer of methi, with maximum production concentrated in the state of Rajasthan with over 80% production of the country coming from here.

When it comes to breakfast, nothing comes close to the deliciously steamed, fragrant poha that is a breakfast staple in almost all of India (PS: if you are anything like us, poha is an absolute favourite anytime of the day). Poha in North India, Chuda in Orissa, Atkulu in Telugu, Aval in Tamil Nadu, Avalakki in Kannada et al, this beaten rice goes by different names in different parts of our country. It is almost as good as an instant food given the time it takes to prepare it, also the ease with which it can be cooked makes it a favourite amongst everyone right from, mothers and wives who are always worried about having their families fed good breakfast, to students and working individuals who are leading a bachelor life away from home. 

Hot pakoras dipped in spicy delicious chutney only remind us of our childhood days when the smell of flavourful pakoras used to come from the kitchen during the monsoon season. Well, nothing is changed! We still crave for these snacks and chutney whenever it rains. The joy of sitting with friends and family enjoying the delicious food is different all together.

There is this famous quote by American writer Lauren Myracle which goes "You should eat waffle! You can't be sad if you eat a waffle!", but for us we eat waffle when sad, when happy, when hungry, basically anytime is waffle time. Waffle is a decadently delicious dish that is made with leavened batter or dough pressed and baked between two iron plates to give it its shape and structure. There are a number of variations in waffles based on the type of waffle iron and recipe you choose to use. Waffle batter is also versatile because the same batter can be used to prepare pancakes as well. It is also said that A Waffle is like a pancake with a syrup trap.

The month of Ramadan has already started! And when it comes to festivals, we can think only about food. This one month, Muslims all over the world celebrate the festival with delicious and mouth watering food. They keep fast for one month to show their faith in the religion. Ramadan fasting is done from dawn to dusk and is known to purify the soul. They eat before the sun rises after their prayer and eat only after the sun has set in the evening.

When it comes to sea food, we all have our favourites! From fish, prawns, squids to crabs, there is a lot to choose from this category. Well, one of the tastiest sea food is prawns. Prawns can be cooked in many ways and can be served as a starter or a main course dish. Not only this, including prawns in your regular diet also means you get many nutritional benefits out of it as it is very rich in zinc and selenium, two most important minerals required for our body.

Puttu is a popular breakfast recipe of Kerala, India. This is basically made of ground rice and fresh grated coconut. Puttu in Malayalam means 'portioned'. This recipe is prepared in a special equipment called a puttu maker.

When it comes to bread and the likes, no one does it like the Italians. The precision and perfection in their baking culinary skills is unmatched. Among the variety of breads the Italians are famous for, one such bread is the Focaccia. Focaccia is an oven baked Italian flat bread which is much like the pizza dough when it comes to the style and texture, usually seasoned with ingredients like olive oil, herbs, onion, cheese et al. 

Sweet tooth is an inherent attribute found in everybody. Some crave for traditional and regional sweets and some crave for something that is totally exotic. Cakes are a popular form of dessert bonne bouche. Usually cake batter is prepared with flour, eggs, flavouring and fruits et al. to bake the batter for stipulated time. One of the crucial element to make a perfect cake lies in perfect measurements and perfect baking technique and time. Many of us find it difficult to make a cake because it involves baking and needs an oven. Any mess up in baking might result in overdone or underdone cakes, wasting the whole effort.

Biryani, needs no introduction at all. Who would not nod their head for a plate full of spiced Biryani? Known for it's aroma, and heavenly taste, biryani is a perfect food when you crave something delicious and spicy. If we look back, it was the Mughals who introduced biryani in India.The style of cooking Biryani in North India is very different from South India.