15 Delightfully Unique & Healthy Muesli Recipes That Are Perfect For Snacking

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Muesli is a deliciously healthy breakfast cereal made of toasted nuts, oats, wheat flakes and fruits. It is a rich source of vitamins, protein, fiber and some minerals as well.

It makes for a filling breakfast and keeps you full through the morning given its high content in soluble and insoluble fiber, this also helps with reducing cholestrol and stabilizing blood sugar levels. Its rich mineral content helps with weight management. The carbohydrates present in muesli will provide you with energy to keep going through the day vivaciously.

Muesli can either be consumed dried or fresh. The dried muesli is the ready variety we purchase off the shelves of supermarkets. This can be easily had in cold or hot milk, chocolate drink, yogurt or water based on your preference. The fresh muesli is made by soaking rolled oats plain water, fruit juice or milk overnight, and blended with fruits like apple or banana the morning after.

So relish this super delicious breakfast cereal in the basic classic form or you could try some of our supremely delicious recipes if you're bored of the traditional way of eating Muesli.


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