In this competitive world sometimes, all we need is food packed with energy that could be grabbed on the go. Health food bars and energy balls can be had for a quick breakfast or snack. Be it work, school or a sporty trek, health food bars serve best as small bundle of energy to keep you going. When the granola bars have the right amount of carbs, proteins, minerals, and vitamins and which come with a right balance of taste and palatability, homemade energy bars can be a bliss.

How wonderful is the feeling when the expectant parents notice the second pink line on the pregnancy test kit! Dreams about the unborn kick start within like the flutters of butterfly. Before you even know, the couple start being protective about the baby in the womb and think about ways of safe delivery and healthy baby. The essential nurturing of the conceived baby lies in the food that the expectant mother takes. Type of food, quality, quantity, and time of intake decide how well the nutrition is supplied to the expanding womb and the delicate life within.

Evening hunger pangs are the most counted meal of the day for active kids. The morning snack box and the lunch box foods would have long disappeared by the time the kids come back home. Kids look forward to food that is inviting evening snack and gives them a dose of energy boost that is required to carry on with playtime and studies. Plain milk, biscuits or ready foods from market might fail to satiate the nutritional demand of the hour. Talking about long-term health, it is always best if homemade snacks are given to kids that are miles away from junk food.

Ganesh Chaturthi is a festival celebrated nationwide with a prominent and glorious celebration in Maharashtra, Goa, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu & Gujarat. Ganesh Chaturthi is an occasion which was made popular during the Maratha Peshwa rule in Maharashtra. During Chatrapati Shivaji’s regime and later by freedom fighter Balagangadhar Tilak, Ganesh Chaturthi was used in disguise to focus Indians towards “Swaraj”.

Everyone has experienced the taste of dhabas, especially who loves to travel by road, as these dhabas are one of the highlights of a road trip. Mostly these dhabas are found in North Indian highways, who prepare their dishes in traditional style and usually with the local and homemade spices.

Indian flatbreads and puffed breads are usually tawa cooked, tandoori made, baked or deep fried. Various breads of India are popular all around the world. Roti, naan, kulcha, chapati, poori are its major types and the country has umpteen varieties in each of its type. These flatbreads are divided based on the flour of the dough, the other ingredients the dough contains, filling of stuffing that goes in, or the way they are made.

Many of us have a best friend who might not have had a chance to spend good time since long time, lost in family or career. Sometimes we wonder where that mindless chit-chat and discussions on random topics disappeared among best friends. Plan to call that special friend of yours who has been skipping get together or functions. Fix a date which is convenient to both of you and plan to cook lunch with your friend. What’s best to bring busy friends together than a weekend? You cook while you chat and chat while you cook.

Varamahalakshmi or Varalakshmi festival is a much-awaited festival after the month of Ashada or Aadi Masam in South India. Most of the South Indian households celebrate the first big festival of Shraavana by performing Pooja to the idol made with husked or dehusked coconut, or with precious metals like silver and gold. Varamahalakshmi festival symbolizes worship for wealth, similar to Diwali in North India. This festival is celebrated by married women (sumangalis) for the well being of their family.

Raita is one of those dishes which plays an important role in any Indian meal. It can be accompanied with any type of meal whether its with roti and dal, biryani or paratha. This makes the entire meal look complete and also helps to digest the heavy Indian meals.

Looking for an innovative weekend plan where you can call the closest of your relatives or friends home? Late evening weekend party with grilled recipes on its menu is a great idea to spend quality time with all. Chop the required veggies, fruits and greens to make it easy during the late evening party. Involve the guests in grilling and make the party even more memorable.

Fruits provide essential nutrients to our body. They are natural sources of vitamins and minerals that are very important for our body’s function. The fibre in fruits improves our digestive system and keeps them active. It also prevents our body as well as cures diseases like cancer, heart attack, cholesterol and other health concerns. Fruits just don’t cure you of disease they also change your mood; you tend to see the difference in your mood. On consumption of fruits on a daily basis, a person feels happy and they become positive.

Food Accompaniments like Indian Breads, Rice etc are an important part of our meal. An Indian Meal is not complete without these tasty and healthy accompaniments. With different types of regional cuisines in India, we have a large variety of accompaniments that can be served along with Dal, Kadhi, Dry and Gravy vegetable dishes.

Weekends are special, as we get some quality time to spend with our friends and family and get a break from the day-to-day hectic life.These are the days when we want to eat something delicious, but not want to take pain to prepare a three course meal. We always get short of ideas on what to cook at our comfort level which is enjoyed by everyone in the family. Therefore, it is always good to cook a single combo which is tasty, unique and is loved by everyone.

French cuisine is characteristic of elegance in the simplest of preparations. Time to consume a full course French food takes up to 4 hours. This is since the French people savor every morsel and gulp of drink slowly and want to treat their guests with long friendly talk.

Dates is a dessert fruit and is a hardy crop that can survive with very less available water for months. Earliest recorded history shows to have been originated from Iraq and the wine preparation with the dates, traces back to Egypt.

India is known for festivals and many of our festivals are colorful and filled with a variety of food, snacks, clothes and decoration. South India has its share of festivals and among them is the Aadi Pandigai which is celebrated in Tamil Nadu to welcome the monsoon. This Aadi month falls between July 15th and August 15th. This Aadi month is also the beginning for festivals in South.

Italian cuisine is famous for its lasagne, pasta, salad, and pizzas.Making Pasta follows an extrusion process through which either wet or dry pasta are made and pasta comes in more than 300 forms and shapes. Pasta is either cooked alone and served with sauce or condiment, or as a part of soup-type recipes, or incorporated into baking dishes along with other queues of ingredients to make various recipes from pasta. Pizza is usually cooked on an open or closed bread platform with sauce, cheese, and vegetables or meat.

An evening walk with old friends on a chat street could result in tasting many appetizers and chats to find you so full that you might even want to skip dinner. Appetizer menu on mehndi nights or receptions and weddings of your dear ones might have sometimes caused you the same effect. The desire and craving that the appetizers create, can sometime stand second to none.

Someone has rightly said ‘Breakfast like a king, Lunch like a prince and Dine like a Beggar’. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it fuels up your body and leaves you energetic for the entire day. Have you ever wondered why the name Breakfast? Breakfast simply means Break-The-Fast. With this meal of the day, we usually break the fast as we intake our food after the minimum gap of six to seven hours.

There are days when guests or best friends drop in with a very short notice during evenings. Or they just surprise you by a phone call from right 2 blocks away from your home. To treat them for their lively visit becomes your sweet responsibility then. What if you can chat and make easy and quick Indian Snack recipes that need less than half hour?

Monsoon in India has brought in cloudy weather in many parts of the country despite it rains or not. It is very cheerful for everyone when the first rains fall and then, gradually, the enthusiasm reduces with increasing frequency of pours. Weekends might get less exciting when you have to look up the sky to access the possibility of rain, every time you decide to go out. Monsoon food, fritters and warmth of freshly cooked meals smell divine and sounds welcoming during these days.

Desserts are comforting recipes after spicy lunch or light dinner. Desserts are an unexpected craving during any time of the day for dessert lovers. Various cakes, tarts, ice creams, cookies, pastries, custard and sweet preparations are considered as dessert. A majority of them are high in calorie and fat content. But the unused fats gradually get accumulated as obesity and people with idle fats are easily tired to do everyday chores.

What comes to your mind when we say Mughlai food, which is one of the most popular Indian cuisines around the world. Its richness, right? The richness of its food comes from the use of exotic spices, dry fruits and nuts which were used back then in the kitchen of the royal Mughal emperors to prepare their food. Many states from North India specially Uttar Pradesh and Delhi have inspired from the Mughal Empire when it comes to the food. It even represents the cooking style used in Hyderabad, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Rajasthan has a rich heritage of royal bloodline and the Rajasthani cuisine is inspired by war zone foods and kingly foods. Usage of high dairy products and less water is seen, owing to the state’s arid climate. Milk, buttermilk or ghee are included in almost all the Rajasthani recipes. Use of bajra, gram flour, jowar, can be observed widely. Rajasthani thali is generously spiced and garnished. Honouring guests is a part of their culture and they regard it as a high value to be a perfect host.