12 Healthy Comfort Food Recipes To Have When You Are Sick

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Comfort foods are those which are great to have when we are not completely fit owing to illness or low mood. Comfort foods are those foods that digest with ease and are not heavy on the digestive system, which will usually not be functioning at its best in case we are suffering from ailments. Various parts of the world have specific group of comfort foods to be served during illness.

From broths of various vegetables to meats (particularly chicken) to lentils to soft cooked creamy mishmash recipes are the popular ones irrespective of cuisines which are usually moderately high in protein and low on fats. Most importantly, many of the comfort foods given to people with ailments are low on spices as well, though may be slightly sugary sometimes.

In India, the most popular recipe of such times is khichdi and various lentil soups and similar ones. Though Indians resort for wide home remedy for common cough to controlling the toughest of the diseases through the rich Ayurveda remedies, the foods to keep the persons with low health are usually similar in nutrition, though various cereals, spices and pulses are used. Even if a recipe like rasam is prepared, the rasam is mild in flavours unless this is for a person with common cold, and served with very soft steamed rice. Some are roasted and ground where some are boiled and mashed and coupled with smaller bits of chewable foods like sprouts. Here are such 12 handpicked healthy comfort food recipes that you can try when someone in your family is low on health or when you fall sick. Bring in ragi, millets, rice, or lentils to make usually semi liquid recipes to keep your belly at ease and to absorb more nutrients to get better.