8 Lipsmacking Puri & Sabzi Combos For Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner

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Poori is a deep fried Indian bread more often made with whole wheat flour. Recipe for pooris/puris differ with regions. Various spices, grated or mashed vegetables or minced greens can be added to prepare a variety of puris. Though this bread is used primarily to scoop up spicy side dishes, the flavour of poori by addition of spices, jaggery or veggies add to the lusciousness of the one dish.

When you are making a side dish for pooris, regard that a gravy side dish is a must since the poori alone is dry to eat only with a dry sabzi and recipes alike. While deciding on the gravy dish, mindfully add a vegetable or carb rich lentil/pulse that adds creamy body to the coulis/gravy. Keeping this creaminess as a base, we can add ingredients like vegetables which we can bite into. They also pair up will with chutneys or pickle but you will also need a raita to make the meal complete. Or when you are including chunky ingredients like paneer or tofu, chop them to smaller pieces such that the poori doesn’t crumble when we are scooping up the gravy. Here are delicious combinations of different kinds of poori with the suitable side dish that they best pair up with. Use these combos during your breakfast or lunch menu and you will love the way they match together!

Combo 1: Chana Dal Puri, Badam Kheer & dal

Combo 2: Rajgira Puri, Apple Tamatar Sabzi & Kofta Curry

Combo 3: Achari Masala Puri, Lemony Potato Curry & Raita

Combo 4: Makki Puri, Aloo Dum & Raita

Combo 5: Matar Ajwain Puri, Pachadi & Raw Tomato Chutney

Combo 6: Lahsun Batata Poori, Aam Achaar & Raita

Combo 7: Palak Poori, Shrikhand & Lahori Aloo

Combo 8: Sweet Pumpkin Puri, Lemon Pickle & Khandeshi Dal

Combo 9: Ajwain Puri, Amritsari Aloo & Palak Makhani

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