Warm Up To These Party Dip Recipes To Pair With Crisps & Crackers

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Monsoon and cold seasons are great time when we crave for crisps and chips. Crispy flat breads are majorly deep fried or baked to make firm and crackling chips. Crisps range from sweet to sharp spicy. It would always be heavenly to have the crisps along with an apt dip. Be it a warm dip like hummus or cold Mexican salsa, the dips provide that fusion of a different set of flavour & texture that compliments the crispiness of chips or nachos. This melange of flavours add taste to either an artwork that we enjoy during our leisure time or a work of fiction telecasted.

Here we have an extensive but handpicked collection of party dips that will add a gusto to your favourite pastime. There are a variety of dips that range from being thinner, like low fat vegetable dip, to Refried Bean Dip Recipe which is cheesy, or guacamole or Mexican salsa which is savoury and filling too, besides being nutritious. You can serve these dips in either Dips & chips serving set or fondue sets that will look even more appetising, which are best for warm dips that you can make. Dips are made with various ingredients that include dairy products like cheese, cream, yogurt or paneer to lentils or chopped, grated or cooked veggies and leafy greens. You can squarely add a pack of homemade chips, nachos, crackers, homemade pita chips, khubz, wedges, and crunchy root vegetable like carrot, enchiladas or baked vegetable fries of your choice to scoop up the dip you choose. Keep these recipes handy when you have your best bud at home for a movie or a gossip, or you have a joyful weekend to pass alone at home. 

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