Have you planned for your special this week, if not yet here is a menu idea which you can try for yourself this week? Fold your sleeves and get ready with all the ingredients you want for your solo night. Here are few recipes that have starter, main course and dessert recipes that can be prepared and served to make your solo night easy and happy.

Dosa is one versatile South Indian food which comes with the goodness of one of more pulses and fits in almost any time of the day. This Indian pancake recipe prepared usually from the fermented batter of lentils or black gram and rice. Dosas can be prepared crisp and thinner, as we find Khali Dosa or Plain Dosa, but Dosa can also be prepared thicker and softer with the same batter, to call it set dosa. Either add onions, coriander, and green chilies to prepare onion dosa or complement semolina and slightly change the recipe to make rava dosa, the palatability only enhances.

India is a happening place for cricket. Cricket players have a larger celebrity status in India than most of the other cricket-playing countries. A month-long devoted expectation of IPL fans has risen to a crescendo with the final match being scheduled in Bangalore and are awaiting a nail-biting exciting match to appreciate.

The one dish which is prepared in almost every Indian home is the Dal (Lentils). It is considered as the backbone of Indian meal that also acts as a good source protein. In addition to Protein, dals are a good source of minerals such as potassium and magnesium which are key to bone and muscle health. Making a good dal comes with practice and there is nothing better than a delicious dal which makes a great accompaniment to most of the Indian meals. Many types of dals are available in Indian market, with each one having its own nutritional benefit. 

‘Throw in good food, wine and conversation and a dinner party at home is pretty much my idea of bliss’. Nothing can compare a foodelicious dinner with the close family and friends and when you have Indian snacks or appetisers it makes the house parties come to life with spice and they make a great way to start an Indian meal.

Zucchini also called courgette belongs to the family of cucumbers and gourds. Few popular varieties include yellow, oval, striped and rounder ones. This squash originated in the Americas and cultivated in Italy first.

Zucchinis with the yellowish flower attached are believed to be the juiciest. Select firm, bright and smooth zucchinis about 8 inches in length, since the larger ones tend to be fibrous. This versatile vegetable can be trimmed on neck and base to be eaten raw, or be boiled, steamed, baked, stuffed, fried, barbequed, or be grilled to be included in various recipes. Though this vegetable is available year-round, the best tasting zucchinis come to harvest during late spring and summers. Zucchini flower is also edible after the pistils of female flower and stamen of the male flower are removed.

Sri Lanka is a land of mythology, history and colonisation. Rule by native kingdoms was taken over by Portuguese, Dutch and the British colonisations leaving the native cuisine influenced by and fused with the culinary cultures of foreign rule. One can find Sri Lankan cuisine slightly similar to Indian cuisine; Tamil cuisine in particular, but there is significant Sri Lankan spin with loaded spices. Sri Lankan cuisine uses many ingredients which are not natively grown, owing to its age-old historical trade.

Breakfast is considered as the most important meal of the day, as it affects how we perform physically and mentally the entire day. We often skips our breakfast due to hurry, hectic work schedule and many such reasons. But taking just a few minutes to eat your breakfast like a king, can really make a difference to your day. Eating breakfast on time provides you energy, enhances your concentration and helps to maintain your body weight.

Andhra cuisine is popular for its searing spicy food recipes. Since Andhra and now Telangana together are leading producers of red chilli, the cuisine seems inclined towards spiciness. The authentic Andhra cuisine also seeps into Karnataka and Tamil Nadu cuisines as well, with mild region-influenced changes in preparation and names. Ragi millet is popular in Andhra-Rayalaseema region, where Telangana region runs on millet based roti as a staple food, and rice is naturally the staple food of irrigated regions of Andhra and Telangana. The main course recipes usually contain tamarind, dal and tomatoes as essential ingredients. Spicy varieties of pickles, chutneys and fritters are also an integral part of Andhra cuisine. This cuisine is also known for its non-vegetarian dishes like marag, biryanis and kebabs. In fact, biryanis are cooked in more than 40 variations of vegetarian and non-vegetarian elements.

Summer is here and we are always looking for something that is healthy, refreshing and tasty to quench our thirst. There are many summer fruits that can be used to make fresh juices and smoothies, but there is nothing like a glass of chilled Buttermilk when the temperature is rising outside.

It is a traditional Indian summer drink that is usually served along with the everyday meals or can be had as a snack in between the meals. It is good for hydration and also protects us from the harmful sun rays. Its tasty and healthy, so there is always a win win situation and kids love it too.

When the hot summer days roll around, it is very important to hydrate our body. Dehydration can lead to many health problems such as diarrhoea, vomiting, headache, lack of urination, dizziness and many more. Drinking enough water is the best way to hydrate your body, but sometimes we need something which is more refreshing and filled with flavours. And this is when the tasty and re-energising lemonades comes into the limelight.

A lot of us especially kids prefer sugary cereals over healthy oats for breakfast. For many nothing can be great as a warm cup of oats for your breakfast. You can cook them however you want, with some milk and make it as a porridge or make an idli out of oats. It is the one of the healthiest food that can keep the energy up and help you to carry your day with energy.

Mughlai cuisine dates back to medieval India. The Mughal dynasty that ruled the country during medieval period brought their Central Asian cuisine along. Till today, the Mughlai cuisine is adopted and popular in Northern part of India including Uttar Pradesh and Delhi, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Cuisine of Avadhi/Lucknow is also influenced from Mughal rasoi. The welcome aroma of whole roast and ground spices is infused into the Mughlai cuisine recipes to make a variety of dishes that differ with spice levels. Dishes from this cuisine include Kebabs, kofta, pulaos and Biryanis. 

Mother’s day is fast approaching, and many of us would be thinking what special can we cook for her. Wouldn't it be great if we can cook something special for her this day. Give her a break from the kitchen and home and take care of the A to Z activities that she does for us every single day without a clinch.

Discover an array of mouthwatering mango recipes in our collection! From savory curries to refreshing smoothies, vibrant salads to exotic drinks, decadent desserts to tempting breakfast pancakes, this cookbook offers endless culinary inspiration. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a kitchen novice, these 110 appetizing mango recipes will tantalize your taste buds and add a burst of flavor to your meals.

Sun, Sand & Beach, this is how we define Goa! It is one of the smallest states in India, but is very popular nationally and internationally for its beaches, parties and historic sites. But Goa is much more than this, when it comes to its food and culture. Goan food is one of the reasons tourists gets attracted to this place because it is different, delicious, seriously addictive and as exotic as Goa. A trip to Goa can relax your mind and body and so can the Goan food.

Corn which is originated from Mexico is a healthy and vital vegetable which we have been using in different forms in our day to day life. In India, we call it Makki, Bhutta and the name changes as it moves in the different direction. It is a vegetable and is also considered to be a grain. The kernels of the corn are of different colours like white, red and violet.

Mahavir Jayanti is a special occasion for the Jain community. Also known as Mahavir Janma Kalyanak, is the most important religious holiday for Jains. It celebrates the birth of Mahavira, twenty fourth and the last Tirthankara (Teaching God) of the present time cycle. This holiday is celebrated according to the Hindu calendar and is either celebrated in March or in April. 

Bhindi also known as the Okra or Ladies Finger is one of a classic Indian vegetable that is made in various forms in every Indian home. The bhindi has a vegetable adds to the core dish of the lunches or dinner and goes with phulkas or even along with rice. The best part of cooking the bhindi is that it gets cooked in a jiffy. It is a wonderful ingredient that can be used to prepare a number of delicious and lip-smacking dishes. 

Ugadi is considered as a major festival in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, as, it is said to be the first day of the springtime month and brings the dawn of a new year. To celebrate this special occasion, people cook traditional food which makes the festival even more special. The festival is celebrated in different states with different names like Gudi Padwa in Maharashtra, Baisakhi in Punjab, Puthandu in Tamil Nadu, Vishu in Kerala, Poila Baishakh in West Bengal and Bihu in Assam. Even if this festival is given different names, it is celebrated in the same manner with equal excitement and happiness.

Rajasthan is a land of royals which is famous for its culture and traditions. This state is unique and distinctive in its own way because of its delicious cuisine. The people in Rajasthan love to eat and it is clearly evident in the preparation of their food. From Dal Bati to Pyaaz Kachori to Ghevar, there are dishes for every meal which is so delicious that you get hungry even seeing a glimpse of it.

Kadhi also known as karhi is a classic Indian curry made from yogurt and often given a simple tadka. Ever region across various parts of north india, have their own special way of making kadhi.

In Northern India, pakoras are added to the kadhi and given a ghee tadka - they are traditionally called as Kadhi Pakora. These Pakoras can be flavored with onions, methi and also vegetables like aloo and corn can be added to the pakora to give the kadhi Pakora recipe a unique twist.

Holi is one festival, where everyone comes together and celebrate it with colours and some delicious food. In between the busy schedules, workload and final examinations for kids, such festivals are a delight to freshen up your mind.

There are a host of traditional delicacies that are relished on the festival which makes the occasion even more enjoyable. Everyone in India, especially in the small cities, people visits their friends and enjoy the different delicacies cooked by their family members. From the Gujarati Gujiyas to Bengali Sondesh, you get everything to eat during this festival. Well, who will say no to celebrate such festival, when you get so many delicious things to eat?

ICC T20 World fever is on everyone’s mind right now with a majority of us glued to the screens to watch our best teams play. Well, we know that India lost its first match against New Zealand on 15th of March, but we have full faith in our team, right? It's just one match, and we have many more exciting matches along the way and with the most iconic match on 19th March where India plays against Pakistan at Eden Gardens - It is going to be one exciting match.