Experience The Taste Of Road Side Dhabas In These 9 Delicious Recipes

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Everyone has experienced the taste of dhabas, especially who loves to travel by road, as these dhabas are one of the highlights of a road trip. Mostly these dhabas are found in North Indian highways, who prepare their dishes in traditional style and usually with the local and homemade spices.

Earlier, these dhabas were mainly for the truck drivers who used to travel at mid night on these highways where they could get food at minimal prices. But within the passage of time, these dhabas have become very popular among the people mainly because of its taste and cheap prices. As they are in the outskirts, people travel only to eat on these dhabas from their cities. Now you can imagine how famous they are? From Rajasthan, Punjab to Lucknow, you will find such dhabas everywhere in North India. So next time you travel, try these roadside dhabas and we are sure you will never forget the experience you had.

But if you are not able to go visit a roadside dhaba, here are some of the lip smacking dhaba recipes which you can cook in your kitchen with the day to day ingredients.


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