Make This Onam Special With Our Delicious Sadya Menu

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Onam/Thiruvonam is the festival of harvest and prosperity in Kerala, India which is celebrated in the beginning of Chingam month. Onam carnival with folk dance, songs, snake boat race (vallamkali in Pampa river), display of artistically decorated elephants, traditional music, combat game of kayyankali, colourful flowers and elaborate festive meals marks the momentous 10 days of Onam. In Kerala, it is believed that the spirit of prosperous and just ruler Mahabali visits land on Thiruvonam. Flowers are artistically laid out to make mats on floor to invite the spirit of the king Mahabali.

Onam sadya is the festive food during Onam festival traditionally served on large plantain leaves. There are more than 25 recipes are served as food to the family and relatives during this time. A variety of delicacies from Kerala make into this elaborate festive menu-Onam sadya. Serve This Onam Sadya With Elaborate Festive Menu during this week of Onam festival, that consist of sides, main course, desserts and accompaniments.


Pisarna Manga is an instant raw mango pickle recipe to titillate your tastebuds. and the Puli Ingi is a tamarind ginger chutney that you will love on your tongue along with every alternate morsel of food. Elai Vadam is a delicious papad/ rice cracker that is very traditional to the south Indian homes. Banana chips are crispy and spicy as they are prepared with partially ripe bananas. You can just add salt if you want them to be not spicy.

Main Course

Served with piping hot steamed raw or red rice, the dish is a delicate and simple balance of flavours in Sadya Parippu | Kerala Style Lentils prepares the palate to the explosion of flavours in the dishes that follow thereafter. Kerala Style Ulli Theeyal is a delicious preparation of the small onions that are roasted and cooked in in a spicy tamarind coconut gravy. Kurukku Kaalan Recipe is a delicious dish made from ripe bananas and cooked in a yogurt and coconut curry. 

Mambazha Pulissery Recipe is a traditional Kerala cuisine and is prepared by cooking vegetables in a curd and yogurt. The Vendakkai Uppadan recipe is a special Okra curry without coconut and is delicious and bursting with flavours. Kerala Avial Recipe is a mixed vegetable recipe with coconut. Chenakayi Erissery is a healthy vegetable made from yam flavored with coconut, black pepper, cumin, and turmeric.


The Paruppu Payasam is a very traditional South Indian payasam/kheer recipe made from dals cooked in coconut milk, with cardamom and dark jaggery. Ada Pradhaman is a special payasam/kheer made on festivals days with rice, jaggery and coconut during special occasions in Kerala. The Kerala Style Pazham Pori Recipe (Banana Fry) is a simple and delicious recipe from Kerala traditionally made from the Nenthrapazham/ Ethakka fruit.