Sunday Brunch With Elaborate Course-French Menu

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French cuisine is characteristic of elegance in the simplest of preparations. Time to consume a full course French food takes up to 4 hours. This is since the French people savor every morsel and gulp of drink slowly and want to treat their guests with long friendly talk.

Treat your family and closest of your friends this Sunday with an elaborate French Brunch. Alcohol based recipes make the aperitif. L'Entrée are the recipes to start the brunch with. Le plat Principal make the main course of the menu. Le Fromage part of the elaborate French menu has cheese recipes and chunks of various cheese on platter. Add a variety of chunks of aged cheeses to enjoy it thoroughly. Le Dessert ends the brunch with a sweet note. With a little preparation beforehand, choose the recipes that suit your taste buds and enjoy this slow brunch with your family and friends.


The Red Wine Sangria Cocktail Recipe is a light and fresh cocktail prepared using wine, fresh fruit, and some sweetener. Pomegranate Frozen Margarita Recipe comes with the non-alcoholic option as well. Watermelon margarita granita is an alcoholic party recipe made with just 5 ingredients.


The Croque Madame Sandwich Recipe is a classic French breakfast dish. Apple Cinnamon French toast is a delectable recipe has cinnamon flavored sweet and savory softened chunks of apple served as a topping on the golden crunchy french toast. The French Onion Soup Recipe is a perfect soup that makes a quick dinner when served along with crusty bread.

Le Plat Principal

Couscous Eggplant and Tomato Gratin is a baked casserole in which tomato sauce and grilled eggplants are layered on a bed of couscous and topped with Feta cheese and bread crumbs. Tomato Corn Au Gratin is a classic French style dish which has a creamy base, in this case with tomato and corn, topped with a mix of breadcrumbs and cheese and baked to give it a crusty golden top. The Broccoli Quiche recipe is a nutritious and wholesome recipe that uses broccoli. This recipe has a perfect blend of the traditional French recipe is made without eggs (eggless). The Vegetable Au Gratin recipe is a classic french dish where the vegetables are baked along with a creamy white sauce called the béchamel sauce. Mushroom Quiche Recipe is a quiche prepared with shallots and mushrooms and some herbs to add flavor. Sweet Potato gratinis a rich baked casserole made using Sweet Potato slices soaked in cream and topped with cheese.

Le Fromage

French menu consists of chunks of aged cheeses and assortments to go with the cheese platter. Tomato Mozzarella Bites , Pineapple and Cheese Skewers, or a choice of Fruit Kebabs are probably the simplest forms of assortments with cheese in every bite.

Le Dessert

This Gâteaux is a delicious creamy cake that is layered with fresh fruits and cream cheese. Rich Decadent Chocolate Souffle Recipe is an airy classic French dessert that is easy to make. Custard jelly tart is a three layered dessert, with a biscuit crust at the bottom, custard with fruits in the middle and your favorite jelly on the top.