Weekend High Protein Veg Brunch

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One important issue in nutrition that vegetarians face daily is their fulfillment of required proteins. 0.8 grams of protein per kg of body weight is required per day according to RDA. But much of the staple diet that the vegetarians use include corn, rice, wheat, millets, vegetables, and fruits which are comparatively low in the protein content to that of meat and seafood. If one explores deeper, vegetarian foods like tofu, paneer, soy and other pulses have higher protein content.

Aim at getting the wholesome protein nutrition required for your body this weekend with this high protein Veg Brunch. Cook up yummy recipes that also fill your protein deficit. Enjoy these rich protein recipes of a choice of appetizers, accompaniments, main course and desserts. Pick from this menu and relish these handpicked recipes that are awesome and are packed with proteins.

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The High Protein Zucchini and Corn Patties are an excellent way to flavor up the zucchini’s for a party starter. Spinach, soya, paneer and almond meal make Spinach & Soy Bites wholesome and tasty and healthy since they are baked. Spinach Potato Frittata Bites Recipe is a wholesome breakfast recipe of baked egg with spinach and potatoes.


Chenna is a high protein homemade cottage cheese that is made from curdling the milk with lemon juice, and a tablespoon for each member of the brunch serves a portion of protein for the day. Hesarukalu Bele Kosumbari Recipe (Sprouted Green Moong Salad) is a high protein, diabetic friendly salad variety from Karnataka. Carrot Peanut Chutney Recipe provides a flavorful and healthy accompaniment.

Main Course

Oats and Besan Cheela Recipe is made from gram flour and spiced up with green chillies. This Saucy Tofu Stir Fry curry is one of those recipes which takes only 20 minutes including preparation and cooking time. Shakshuka with Oats recipe is a delicious breakfast where the eggs are cooked in a spicy tomato sauce. Spinach Potato Frittata Bites Recipe is a wholesome breakfast recipe of baked egg with spinach and potatoes. Quinoa Brown Rice and Vegetable Pulao Recipe is a flavorful pilaf made using quinoa, brown rice and season try al fresh vegetables. The Pudalangai Milagu Kootu Recipe is a delicious dish made from snake gourd combined with lentils and coconut, sides up well with hot rice and ghee on top.


Flax Seed Ladoo Recipe is a super healthy, high protein recipe for sweetened balls that can be packed for the kids snack boxes or even had as a quick bite on the go when they are having a sugar craving or feeling low on energy. Eggless & Gluten free Oats Banana Brownie Recipe is a great way to pack protein even during a sinful portion of dessert. Quinoa Phirnee Recipe is a rich creamy pudding. It is a perfect dessert at your parties and nutritious sweet treat for your little ones too.