6 Ways To Eat More Vegetables During Pregnancy

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Womb is the best place for the vital growth of the baby. Mother’s womb is a place of planning for the rest of the baby’s life. This is since the required antibodies and thereby the base for immunity against many ailments is built within the pregnancy period. Not only does the baby get benefitted, it is a time of storing the vital nutrients for the mother’s body, which are to be used to rebuild the immunity of the mother after baby’s birth.

Fruits and vegetables play a very important role in providing nourishment to the baby and mother during pregnancy. Most important of all, folate is supplied by vegetables which are vital for blood balance along the period. Neural tube defects are kept at bay by consuming a mix of vegetables daily. Many vegetables are a source of vitamin C and potassium which are helpful in tissue building and maintaining blood pressure respectively.

Ideally, 2-3 cups of vegetables including green leafy vegetables have to be consumed every day. Stock your kitchen with fresh and colorful vegetables from deep green to yellow to orange to purple such that you are benefitted by all its properties and nutrients during pregnancy. Raw vegetables are a storehouse of essential enzymes, fiber, vitamins and minerals. But there is wider option of recipes when you are cooking, baking, shallow frying or grilling the vegetables, along with other essential and healthy ingredients. Below are 6 ways to eat more vegetables during pregnancy.





Sabzi & Curry

One Pot Meal

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