12 Delectable Homemade Energy Bars

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In this competitive world sometimes, all we need is food packed with energy that could be grabbed on the go. Health food bars and energy balls can be had for a quick breakfast or snack. Be it work, school or a sporty trek, health food bars serve best as small bundle of energy to keep you going. When the granola bars have the right amount of carbs, proteins, minerals, and vitamins and which come with a right balance of taste and palatability, homemade energy bars can be a bliss.

Most of these bars can be kept away in airtight containers or froze and used for a long time. These bites of vigour can be had as after work snack or as a dessert after dinner. Loaded with the goodness of wholegrains, nuts and dried fruits in many cases, they are also good source of fiber. Sugar can be replaced with dates, jaggery or artificial sweeteners to make the crunchy bars even healthier and diet and diabetic friendly. Serve them with a glass of milk, almond milk, or smoothie for a wholesome experience everytime.