Make These Popular Raita Recipes Part Of Your Meal

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Raita is one of those dishes which plays an important role in any Indian meal. It can be accompanied with any type of meal whether its with roti and dal, biryani or paratha. This makes the entire meal look complete and also helps to digest the heavy Indian meals.

It combines the taste of chilled yogurt with fresh vegetables, herbs and variety of spices. The best thing is you can be really creative with your raita recipes, as you can include your favourite vegetable, fruits and herbs to make one which suits your taste buds. Not only this, it can be eaten at anytime of the day, whether its breakfast, lunch or dinner. Here is how you can include raita in your meals everyday

  1. Heavy Indian Meal- Heavy Indian meals are usually made during festivals or for special occasions. These are 3 course meals from starters, main course to sweets. Raita add a twist to these meals as it makes them look complete and delicious.
  2. Regular Indian Meal- These types of meals include a gravy vegetable or dal, dry vegetable, phulkas and rice which we normally cook on day to day basis. A bowl of raita make this daily food also look appetising.
  3. With Biryani/Pulav- If there is a raita along with Biryani or Pulav, you don’t need anything else to make this meal look complete. Just make a delicious raita to go along your favourite rice recipe and you are good to go.
  4. With Parathas- What can be better than hot stuffed parathas in for the breakfast in the morning with a bowl of your favourite raita? This side dish adds a flavour to even a simple Tawa paratha.
  5. With Oats/Quinoa/Millet- Just like biryani, we can also add raita to our meals which includes oats, quinoa or millets. It can make a boring meal interesting.

Add a twist to your regular meals with these different varieties of raita’s. Here, we have lined up a few lip smacking raita recipes which you can include in your meals.