Here’s The Weekend Menu For Goan Inspired Lunch

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Rice, vegetables, coconut, seafood, are major ingredients in Goan cuisine. The Goan cuisine is greatly influenced by Portugal and Mughal cuisines. The blend of local ingredients with the exotic ones bring in the zesty taste that is needed for one to fall in love with the Goan food. Fish is an inseparable part of Goan meals. Many times, rice is replaced with soft bread. Goan food is often accompanied with the most popular regional alcoholic beverage “fenny” along with other cocktails.

Bring in the whiff of sea shores with the authentic Goan recipes this weekend with Goan inspired lunch. Treat your family and friends with cocktails, fodi and other appetizers, different kinds of curries, bhakri, stews, and traditional Goan desserts. Indulge in the flavours of Goa!


Here are a few options to chill with cocktail and drinks to pep you up for the yummy Goan menu ahead. You can reduce or skip the alcohol if you want to keep it non-alcoholic. Pomegranate Mint Cocktail is a refreshing drink made from freshly peeled Pomegranate seeds, fresh mint leaves, lemon and an optional addition of vodka. The Red Wine Sangria Cocktail Recipe is a light and fresh cocktail prepared using wine, fresh fruit and some sweetener. Plum Panna Shot comes with a dash of vodka and makes a nice cocktail with spiced plum.


The Goan Kelyachyo Fodi Recipe  are Spicy & Crispy Pan Fried Banana Recipe. Suran Fodi Recipe is the Goan Semolina Crusted Yam. Rava Fried Prawns Recipe is a delicious and juicy prawn starter recipe that is coated with spiced rava. Spicy Goan Style Mushrooms Recipe is a crisp and spicy fritter recipe from Goa.

Main Course

Onion Rava Bhakri Recipe (Goan Kanyachi Bhakri) is a bhakri/flatbread recipe with can be served with various Goan curries. Goan Kaju Curry is normally made using the best quality goan cashew nuts and served as a vegetarian delicacy in goan weddings and parties and makes a fine main course dish. Goan Mackerel Curry is a high protein non-vegetarian recipe made with Bangdyache fish or mackerels. Goan Mushroom Xacuti is an authentic Goan traditional dish which tastes the best when cooked using wild or forest mushrooms, which are available during the rainy season. Feijoada Recipe (Spicy Goan Black-eyed Peas Stew) and Goan Chicken Stew is a delicately flavoured stew which are best served with hot cooked rice.


Enjoy with various traditional and specific desserts that roots from Goan cuisine. Manganem is a traditional Goan kheer recipe with chana dal, sabudana and with taste from jaggery, cashew nuts and ghee. Goan Sweet Khatkhati is a simple and quick sweet, or you can say coconut candy, prepared with shredded coconut, groundnuts, and sesame. The Kelyacho Halwo, is a traditional Goan recipe that is made from a special variety of bananas called the Nendra bananas also popularly known as the Kerala bananas. Bhakkam peda is Goa's Specialty sweet served specially during festivals