Importance of Fruits in Our Diet & Recipes You Can Make From it

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Fruits provide essential nutrients to our body. They are natural sources of vitamins and minerals that are very important for our body’s function. The fibre in fruits improves our digestive system and keeps them active. It also prevents our body as well as cures diseases like cancer, heart attack, cholesterol and other health concerns. Fruits just don’t cure you of disease they also change your mood; you tend to see the difference in your mood. On consumption of fruits on a daily basis, a person feels happy and they become positive.

Fruits should be eaten as a whole, to get the maximum benefits. In a lot of fruits we can eat the skin which provides extra nutrients. It is better to eat the fruit on whole than just the fruit juice. If you plan to juice the fruit, ensure you don't strain the pulp. The pulp contains a lot of fiber. In addition, eating certain fruits in an empty stomach helps in cleansing the body. The detoxification process is also effective if you eat fruits in the morning. 

1-  Helps Fight Diseases 

Our body needs essential nutrients to keep us active. Fruits provide ample amount of these essential nutrients and they are a naturally available to us. Having a good portion of fruits when we are sick, helps our body fight back and regain strength and energy. In addition, it also helps our body fight the bacteria or virus.

The fibre in fruits helps to reduce the risk of heart disease, hypertension, and obesity. If you eat fruits on a regular basis your bowel movement is also maintained and if you have constipation then the problem is solved.

2 - Helps Control Weight

Fruits do wonders to our body, they control your weight and also help you to loose few kgs. The high fiber in the fruits, gives a feeling of fullness and avoids overeating on junk food. Along with a good diet, right lifestyle and exercise like yoga will not only help you lose weight but will also keep you fit.

3 - Radiant Skin

Fruits also help your body externally, you tend to have clear skin and healthy hair because of the nutrients in fruits. You can see the difference in your skin if you eat fruits regularly, it is better to eat fruits than apply fruit masks, the nutrients are absorbed totally and it gives multiple benefits.

Here are 10 fruits recipes which you can try at your home and enjoy them for your meal.

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