5 Ways To Eat More Fruits During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is the most important period of nourishment for the baby. Eating right supplies all the essential nutrients in the right amounts to the baby to achieve its birth weight. Apart from birth weight, food and nutrition that the mother receives also determines the strength of immunity that the baby would be blessed with. Also, the quality of mother’s breast milk after delivery depends on the food had during the gestation period (pregnancy). 2-4 serving of fruits in fresh, juiced, preserved or cooked forms enhance the mother’s immunity and supplies the essential elements for baby’s health.

Apple is required for general wellness, banana, and lemon helps in cleaning the digestive system whereas lemon also helps in detoxification of the body. Berries and sweet lime are rich in antioxidants where sweet lime and lemon have the property of reducing nausea and morning sickness that many expectant mothers undergo during the first trimester of their pregnancy. Oranges are a storehouse of vitamins and minerals, where grapes are rich in vitamin A, folate, and minerals. Mangoes are rich in vitamin A and C and avocados are rich in folic acid.

Fruits are best consumed in their raw and uncooked fresh form. And there are so many varieties of fruits that are available that even the women with pickiest pregnancy cravings have many fruits in store. If you grow less fond of fresh cut fruits, you can resort for dried fruits and fruit leathers, and include them in various fruit recipes that make it your table for breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner or desserts. Here are the fruit recipe ideas that help the expectant mothers to have more fruits in daily diet.

1. Fruit Recipes For Breakfast

2. Fruits Recipes For Lunch

3. Fruits Recipes For Snacks

4. Fruits Recipes For Dinner

5. Fruits Recipes For Desserts

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