9 Easy Rolls/Wraps That You Can Pack In Your Lunch Box

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There are days when we just want to pack one lunch box and we have a solution for you. Packing a roll or wrap in your lunch box  is easy, healthy and filling too. They are a perfect one dish meal which can be packed and carried easily, or even enjoyed on the go while you are in the car or planning a picnic. The best part about a roll or wrap is that you can fill the stuffing of your choice with your preferred herbs and sauces.

From chicken, eggs to different vegetables, we can make different varieties of rolls/wraps for our lunch box. Not only this, we can always pack this easy and quick rolls for picnics, potlucks and even for evening snacks. This is also an easy way to feed vegetables to your kids who usually don't prefer to eat sabzi with chapatis and rice.

You can experiment with these lip smacking rolls and make your own version of the same by using ingredients from different cushiness. Therefore, we have lined up some delicious rolls for you which you can easily make in your kitchen.