Breakfast Meal Plate : French Toast BLT Sandwich, Carrot Juice & Fruits

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Looking for a bacon filled breakfast? Here we are with a delicious sandwich that can make your breakfast delicious and satisfied. Sometimes it is okay to have a little bit of fat going into your diet. As everyday your body is vigorously working out and all you need is a day's rest and plate filled with some comfort and rich food to bring your energy back. 

 The sandwich that we have chosen today is called the classic BLT sandwich which stands for Bacon, lettuce and Toast. Bacon comes mostly from pork belly. The bacon stripes are cured in brine solution using plain salt. This is one of the popular ingredient used as a breakfast accompaniment around the world. Bacon is usually served along with eggs and sausages to make it a complete breakfast. 

1. French Toast BLT Bagel Sandwich Recipe

The sandwich is made even tastier by dunking the bread in an egg mixture and making a French toast out of it.  The bread is then sprinkled with some cheese and baked in the oven till it crisp. The toasted bread is then layered with sliced tomatoes and crispy oven roasted bacon and chopped arugula. The dish is so satisfying to eat for your morning meal and as well as a quick snack that can be made in minutes for your evening cravings.

If you are looking for more sandwich recipes here are some : 

French Toast BLT Bagel Sandwich Recipe

2. Carrot Juice Recipe 

Adding fresh vegetable juice to your diet helps to detox and feel refreshed at the start of the day. There are more juice recipes that you can make everyday :

carrot juice

3. Fruit Bowl 

We have included pomegranate into the plate but you are free to add different fruits of your choice. Add fresh fruits to your everyday diet will help gain good amount of vitamins and minerals.

fruit bowl