24 Delicious Ways To Add Mango In Your Diet

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Mango is known as the king of fruits and rightly so. Ripe mangoes have a rosy skin covering the golden flesh which is juicy, sweet and tastes absolutely divine. Mangoes are ingested all around the world in different dishes, ranging from desserts, savoury, curry, smoothies et al. The delicious taste of mangoes overpowers its health benefits. People often forget that not only are these super tasty, but have some amazing nutritional benefits too.

The high levels of pectin, vitamin C and fiber in mangoes, helps with keeping cholesterol in check, regulates insulin levels, the enzymes in mangoes help with digestion, is good for anaemia given its high iron content, the generous amounts of vitamin C and A are great for boosting immunity as well.

The delectable taste of mangoes can be savoured as it is or can be used to put together delicious recipes. Both raw and ripe mangoes have their own distinct flavour, ripe mangoes are sweet where as raw mangoes are sour and they are both used in a lot of dishes around the world. So this season, don't only enjoy the taste of this amazing fruit, but also take advantage of all the good it can do to your health. Here are some drool worthy recipes to include mangoes in your diet hassle free, right from salads to desserts and everything in between.