15 Poha Recipes From Different Regions Of India

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When it comes to breakfast, nothing comes close to the deliciously steamed, fragrant poha that is a breakfast staple in almost all of India (PS: if you are anything like us, poha is an absolute favourite anytime of the day). Poha in North India, Chuda in Orissa, Atkulu in Telugu, Aval in Tamil Nadu, Avalakki in Kannada et al, this beaten rice goes by different names in different parts of our country. It is almost as good as an instant food given the time it takes to prepare it, also the ease with which it can be cooked makes it a favourite amongst everyone right from, mothers and wives who are always worried about having their families fed good breakfast, to students and working individuals who are leading a bachelor life away from home. 

To make the poha dish, beaten rice is first lightly washed in water allowing it to sit for a few minutes before it is cooked, tempered, mashed according to what pleases your palette. In different regions of our country poha is cooked differently, drawing influences from that region's locally available ingredients, commonly used spices, taste preferences, cooking techniques etc. 

Now depending on what region you come from, you must have a certain way in which you cook and like your poha, but a little change every once in a while will do no harm, and you never know what might end up being your new favourite poha recipe. 

So to put things in perspective, we have brought you a list of poha recipes, some are region based, while some are ingredient based. Go ahead and try a new variant of poha and see what turns out to be your new favourite recipe.