7 Delicious Ways to Make A Chocolate Dessert

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When it comes to rich, decadent pieces of heaven called chocolates, there are fewer dessert lovers who can resist. Initially praised for its aphrodisiac qualities of the cocoa in it, now chocolate has evolved in innumerable shapes, sizes; as well as sneaked into many recipes as well. Chocolate emerged in Aztec civilization as a royal drink and now is served in as many different forms as possible. The possibilities of chocolate moulding into various forms has taken the world of dessert by a storm.

We have brought to you the different recipes that are made with chocolates, right from smoothies, drinks, to tarts, fudge, cake or cookies.

Chocolate in Drinks

Chocolate drinks, like simple hot chocolate, or a smoothie with various fruits like banana, apple or oats, will always be a hit, despite the crowd that you are serving to is adults or kids. You can serve these chocolate based drinks when you have a gathering of kids at home or even along with the breakfast of pancakes, or toast.

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Chocolate in Tarts

Chocolate can be poured on a tart base and made into a personal sized decadent dessert, or make the tart on a larger tart pan when you are planning to serve more number of people. Individual tarts are completely non messy comparatively, especially for tarts like chocolate ganache tart. Removable bottom tart pans help in easy demoulding of the recipe.

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Chocolate in Cakes

Cakes can be flavoured with chocolate, or the chocolate ganache be poured on top, to finish the cake. Chocolate can also be added to the frosting. you can make moist cakes like devils cake or a decadent cheesecake with chocolate. Mix in with a medley of ingredients to prepare delicious baked cakes that contain chocolates. You will mostly need a springform cake pan to do the cake recipes.

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Chocolate in Mousse

Mousse is another creamy dessert that is baked and frozen till firm. There are both egged and eggless versions of these recipes. When made with chocolate and topped with shaved chocolate or whipped cream, these personal sized desserts take the experience to another level altogether. Enjoy the creaminess on your tongue while to put in every spoonful of this airy dessert.

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Chocolate in Muffins

Muffins are another way to entertain kids. Both muffins and cupcakes are the handy desserts when you are holding an early evening party at home for adults and kids. The muffin batter can be added with chocolate chips or have a swirl of chocolate based nutella, to give you that chocolatey experience. Bake these muffins and cupcakes in batches for your kids birthday party.

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Chocolate in Cookies

Cookies are the favourite munches in the evening. How would you feel when there are bits of chocolate chips when you bite into a crispy cookie? Amazing right? You can as well use the chunky chocolate bits to give a gooeyness to the cookies. Use various types of cookie cutters to make it even more exciting.

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Chocolate in Truffles & Fudge

Though chocolate can have various ways of going into recipes, we do believe that the best form of chocolate is when it is in a solid form, as in truffles or fudge bars. below are a few recipes to try with chocolates. You can use the white, milk or dark chocolate while doing these recipes to create your own variation. Many time, you can make these fudge recipes in just a mixing bowl if you have a microwave oven. You can also prepare these recipes on a double boiler.

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