Benefits Of Apple & 6 Ways You Can Include It In Diet Besides Eating It Raw

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Apple is a fruit that comes with a taken connotation that it is healthy. Other than the widely known benefits, there are a lot of visible healthy benefits of eating apples often.

Here are ways in which eating an apple almost daily or often during the week will benefit you:

  1. 85% of water in the fruit keeps you hydrated and is a source of immediate energy with its soluble fibres.
  2. Vitamin C is high in the fruit and is essentially the antioxidants that keeps us covered to bust the free radicals, helping in great skin and also a sharper brain.
  3. Dietary fibre in apples bind to the blood fat and hence helps keep cholesterol in check.
  4. It is a nutrient rich food with calcium, potassium, phosphorus and phytonutrients

With a little more research going into the behavioural aspects within our bodies, more benefits from consuming apple are here, which are the derived benefits from regular eating of this fruit.

  • Keeps type 2 diabetes at bay
  • Apples prevents gallstones
  • Maintains a healthy bowel health with no constipation or loose motion to complain about.
  • Gives an immunity boost
  • Reduced risk of developing cataract or Alzheimer’s when we get older.

Be as sweet tempered as an Apple to be a Pie, Strudel or Otherwise

With expanding knowledge about food, you might be aware of various ways in which one can include apples in food besides eating it raw. We have enlisted a few types of cooked or salad or pureed versions of apple that can be included in recipes from across the world cuisines.

Apples In Breakfast Recipes:

Here are delicious ways in which you can include apples in your breakfast besides a mixed fruit bowl, milk and homemade granola. You can make it as a topping to French toast, or fill them into crepes and top with orange sauce. You can also make pancakes when mixed with whole wheat or mix them in a warm freshly made broken wheat porridge recipe.

Apple As Drink Recipe:

With 85 percent water content in the fruit, no wonder at so much juice that is extracted from a firm-to-look fruit like apple. Mix it with various fruits or offbeat ingredients like ginger or cinnamon to give your drink a different twist. Serve juices made with apple as a welcome drink or include them in your upcoming cocktail parties.

Apple In Snack Recipes:

Enchiladas remind most of us of the juicy sauteed or roasted veggies and meat within. How about using apples to prepare enchiladas for an evening time snack? You can also make snack recipes like crumb tart, Indian style modaks, muffins and even savoury focassia!!

Apple In Appetizer Recipes:

Appetizers like salads and soups can contain apples. Many soups like turmeric walnut soup or carrot sweet potatoes soup can be made along with cooked apples to add a sweet oomph to the appetizer that you would try.

Apple In Main Course & Side Dish Recipes:

Apples are cooked and combined with spices in a gravy to prepare apple tamatar sabzi, or added to spicy Chinese fried rice along with bell peppers. This can also be made into chutneys that will act as an accompaniment to the main dish.

Apple In Dessert Recipes:

Theres a huge possibility of making desserts with apples. Be it baked apple roses,  pies, strudels, or a classic German apples cake. Enjoy the apples in all its forms to savour the goodness within. Happy cooking!

Here’s A Recipe Of Apple For Babies:

Well, here is a simple recipe that you can feed to babies with. Puree the apple in a mixer and you're ready with a baby food to satiate a small craving of the little tummy of your infant! With no sugar or salt added, it is all healthy and an on the go food while travelling as well.