Protein Rich Appetizer Recipes For Your Dinner Party

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It feels so nice to have a get together at home. Having everyone whom we love and who we consider special in one place makes us so happy. The house parties always have that hangover of memories that will last for a long time. Parties can be themed differently according to the age group and the dietary preferences of the crowd participating.

If you are planning for a dinner party at home, the first thing that catches the attention of your guests are the appetizers that you have prepared for them. Appetizers can be served along with cocktails or mocktails to start your party. Likely that this session will attract more attention and time of the party.

How does the idea of appetizers that are high on protein and at the same time, are finger licking good sound? If you think that protein rich and healthy is bland to taste, you must try these recipes out there! There is a whole list of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian appetizer recipes given for you to choose from. Try them for your next house party for dinner and you will be delighted at your guests asking for recipe and finishing to the last bit of appetizing food. Make sure you make plenty of these appetizers since the crowd likes hanging around and talking among each other with drinks and appetizers for longer than gulping down the main course!

Vegetarian Appetizer Recipes

Vegetarian source of protein mainly lies in beans and sprouts, eggs (for eggetarians), dairy and soy products. Here, we have selected a few recipes with high protein, sourced from tofu, paneer, mushroom, beans & eggs. You can simply follow the recipes or also get inspired from these recipes and try a variation with special spices that your family and friends will like. Definitely tell us about the fusion recipe when you try.

Non Vegetarian Appetizer Recipes

Protein rich non vegetarian foods are fish, and chicken mainly. We have come up with a few delightful and spicy recipes that feature nuggets, skewers, tostadas and grilled dishes to reveal chicken, salmon and other meat in their most loved avatars. Go try these recipes and the meat loving crowd will yearn for these appetizers. Make sure even if you make it ahead of time, reheat them aptly to serve the entrees to be yet more appetizing.