8 Delicious Yam Recipes You Can Cook For Your Main Course

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Making a regular meal can be a task sometimes, as we don't want to repeat the vegetables as it gets boring and our family does enjoy it. On top of that, we have to select different vegetables for our meals so that the essential nutrients are fulfilled for the day. There are some regular vegetables which we use soon daily basis but there are also some which we don't use very often and one of them is Yam. It is a staple vegetable for West Africans and is included in their meals very often.

Yam, also called as ‘Suran’ is a vegetable which looks like a sweet potato and can be easily found in local markets. They are easy to make and have some great nutritional benefits too. They are not only rich In Vitamin C but also provides good amounts of fiber, potassium, manganese, and metabolic B vitamins. Yam can be cooked differently, whether you want to make a side dish with it or you need a curry for your main course. 

So what are you waiting for? Make these 8 delicious Yam recipes for your meals and we are sure you will make them again and again. Each and every recipe belongs to different Indian cuisine and differs because of its style of cooking and use of local spices to bring out the traditional flavour.