Muffins are our absolute favourite because they are basically just cake, and no one is going to judge you for savouring them for breakfast! 

Breakfast, brunch, snack or dinner, anytime is muffin time. Muffins are not only ridiculously delicious, but they are uber versatile when it comes to the number of combinations that they can be baked with. Savoury or sweet, there is a muffin for our every mood. From the basic bran muffins to whimsy ones like zucchini, there is a muffin to satiate everyones' tastebuds. 

Joy, merriment, trips and learning something new through experience and much more define summer holidays for kids. That’s the time when the kids run out of ideas to amuse themselves if left on their own. Streamline the children’s activities throughout the day and reduce their stress of the biggest question- “What do I do next?” Come up with various plans to keep your kids occupied.

After a week of hectic schedule and all the chaos, weekends are to relax! And what can be better than cooking some delicious breakfast on a Saturday or Sunday morning and have a relaxed morning with your family. Monday to Friday, we struggle with what to make which is easy and fast, but the weekend is the time to unwind and take the time to make something you really want.

Weekends are perfect to experiment with our cooking! With the usual food throughout the weekday, we end up craving for something delicious to eat during the weekends. To satisfy our cravings, we are always searching for something new to cook for our Brunch parties with friends and family. Well, you can try a new cuisine this time which is easy, tasty and suits the Indian taste. How about cooking a Moroccan brunch this weekend? Sounds interesting right!

Packed with fibre, minerals and vitamins, figs are a fruit of the Mulberry family and have a uniquely sweet taste to them, with a chewy texture and slightly crunchy seeds within. Though fresh figs taste delicious as it is, but they are dried for longevity. Either way their distinct taste makes them stand apart in any dish they are added to.

Ugadi is considered as a major festival in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. It is said to be the first day of the springtime month and brings the dawn of a new year. The Ugadi festival celebration begins with cleaning the house, putting colourful Rangolis outside the house, wearing new clothes and putting torans of raw mango leaves on the house doors and offering pooja with traditional food that is native to our culture.

Watermelon is a fruit of summer that is most popular in hot regions of India and the World. Summer is a season which needs a lot or natural coolant foods and watermelon is one of those. Over 92% of water and other trace nutrients make watermelon a boon when it exactly comes to harvest from the onset of summer season. Instant hydration that the watermelon provides, is one of those apparent benefits of eating the whole fruit or its fruit juice. Though the fruit is full of water, it increases the urine flow but does not strain the kidneys. Let us see some more of the health reasons that you will fall in love with this fruit all over again.

Easy to cook, inexpensive, tasty and a good source of high quality protein, Egg is one of those food items from which you can make different types of recipes that can be eaten in breakfast, snacks or for dinner. Recipes made from egg are great to eat at any time of the day and can be served as a main course or a side dish with your meal.

Amaranth is a gluten free seed also called rajgira and the flour made from it is earthy flavoured whole grain. Rajgira is a popular ingredient at the time of fasting and Navratri of North India and some parts of South India. Besides flatbreads, amaranth flour can also be used in making pancakes, baked breads, cinnamon rolls, scones, muffins, cookies, and more.

If you are anything like us, there would have never been a pizza you didn't like. Well, they don't say 'Happiness is a slice of Pizza' for nothing, right!

The rule of Nawabs has widely influenced the state of Bengal with the food being rich and distinct like the state itself. Bengali food is an amalgamation of subtle and fiery flavours all at the same time, with certain British influences in food, like chops, cutlets et al, which are British in origin but are widely consumed in most Bengali households and form a part of their snack food tradition. 

Here is a good new for all the Kebabs, Pakoras, Bajji and Kofta lovers! It's is a great idea for you to continue eating your favorite appetizers without any guilt by shallow frying them in the Paniyaram pan that only needs a few tea spoon of oil. Aren't you excited now? Whether you are frying your Paneer Kebab or the Onion Pakora, it gets done with such less amount of oil yet taste so crunchy.

We usually get hungry during tea time, which means 3 to 4 hours later our lunch. At this time of the day, we all crave for something which is tasty but also very light which can be eaten as a snack with our evening cup of tea or coffee. 

Pickling is an art of extending the shelf life of food by adding salt or vinegar to it. Though basic pickling is done with a brine solution (salt solution) alone, pickles in Asia, especially in India has a lot more that goes into it. Fiery spices, sometimes sugar and oil goes into making this favourite accompaniment to main course. Pickle is a favourite condiment that people love across India.

Delicious breakfast is always an inspiration to wake up on a lazy weekend morning. And what can be better than having lip smacking stuffed parathas with raita and chutney. A good breakfast can make your day as it keeps you energised and perked up. 

Bajra or Pearl Millet is from the millet family and is a staple in major regions of Africa and consumed widely in the Rajasthan and Gujarat region of India. It is a boon to people in drought prone areas as it is packed with essential nutrients and nutrients making it a staple food.

There are times when we end up eating a lot of hot and spicy foods during summers that might result in rising internal temperature mechanism of our body. We might feel the hot flushes, acidity or problems related with elevation of the fiery element within the body, especially in Indian weather. Some people also experience heart burns, skin eruptions, and general irritability as one of the major symptoms. To avoid these symptoms, here are ways to keep your body cool, through pacifying foods and more.

Easy and generally quick, One dish meals are always a good idea to cook during lazy weekends. It ensures that you never skip a meal as they are a meal by themselves. These recipes are filling, fast and scrumptious. From Rajasthani to Maharashtrian, there are recipes from many cuisines which can be a one dish meal. There are many one dish Street food recipes too which you can cook during weekends for your family or friends.

Sundays are meant for chilling in with the people you love, letting your diet fall apart for a day and eat all the delicious food you can get your hands on!

Muesli is a deliciously healthy breakfast cereal made of toasted nuts, oats, wheat flakes and fruits. It is a rich source of vitamins, protein, fiber and some minerals as well.

Having meals in proportion is very important to balance our weight and have a healthy lifestyle. Planning a meal plate for our everyday meals  would be a great idea. A meal plate also helps incorporate more varieties of vegetables and pulses that in turn help in taking in more nutrition. Today, we have curated special meal plates just for you from our In-house Kitchen to help you eat better and healthy. Below are a list of 5 Meal Plates with a fusion of recipes from various regions of India. Do try them and tell us your feedback. We can't wait to hear from you.

When it comes to eat a non veg curry with steamed rice, nothing beats a delicious and spicy Prawn curry. The flavour, aroma and the delectable taste of the curry takes the limelight from the table. These dishes are from different parts of India and each and every recipe has a different taste due to the use of local spices and different style of cooking.

Bhindi/ Vendakkai, also known as lady's finger, is one of the most nutritional vegetables that exist but have not received its due share of appreciation which could be because of its unconventional taste. It can be conveniently be included in your diet raw, cooked, steamed, fried et al depending upon your preferences.

Food from Rajasthan stands out with foods that needs less reheating and made with locally available dry vegetables, lentils and vegetative parts of plants, along with plenty of mutton and chicken on their menus. Greener veggies and leafy greens are a rare inclusion in Rajasthani meal due to the water scarcity and seasonal rains. They have profuse vegetarian delicacies due to Marwari cuisine and is rich in non-vegetarian recipes due to the influence of the royal Rajput cuisine as well. A variety of side dishes make the heart of the meal since the regular meal of Rajasthan is elaborate.