Every Indian cuisine is known for its taste and flavour because of local spices and style of cooking. Eating a particular cuisine everyday can be boring sometimes, so why not try dishes from different regions and surprise your friends and family with something different.

When we think of Andhra, we can only think of the spicy food that keeps us drooling over it, right from Gongura Pachadi to spicy chilli chicken. The authentic Andhra cuisine usually contain red chills, tamarind, dal and tomatoes as essential ingredients. Spicy variants of sabzi's, pickles, chutneys and fritters are an integral part of Andhra cuisine. A typical Andhra meal consists of Pickles, Pachadis, Vegetable Palyam, Pulusu, Biryani, Papads, Pappu, Rasam, and Podis. A telugite would understand what we are talking about. Andhra Recipes are easy to cook to make and just needs the basic ingredients from your kitchen. 

Monsoon is just around the corner! The smell of wet mud, the cool breeze, the pleasant weather and of course the rain, brings a wide smile on our face. As the weather becomes nice and pleasant, we get some relief from the scorching heat and on the other hand we get to eat some delicious snacks too. As soon as it rains, one thing that comes to our mind is ‘Chai and Pakoda’! Well, everyone craves for some mouth watering and piping hot snacks which goes well along with their evening cup of tea or coffee during rains.

European cuisine is a groundbreaker of many recipes and a variety of baked casseroles is one of them. Baked casseroles usually aim at main course food which is also a one pot recipe for a meal. Among such one pot recipes from cuisines around the world, Gratins are the popular food that originate in France and is made in an oven proof dish.

Mango is known as the king of fruits and rightly so. Ripe mangoes have a rosy skin covering the golden flesh which is juicy, sweet and tastes absolutely divine. Mangoes are ingested all around the world in different dishes, ranging from desserts, savoury, curry, smoothies et al. The delicious taste of mangoes overpowers its health benefits. People often forget that not only are these super tasty, but have some amazing nutritional benefits too.

Whether it is a simple weekend dinner at home or a house party with friends and family, we always deal with a confusing mind about what special to cook which is different from our day to day meals. On the top of that, we have so many Indian as well as International cuisines to choose from, that deciding on one particular cuisine is also difficult. So what about selecting something different which is a combination of two or three cuisines. Yes, we are talking about fusion recipes!

Sizzler is a hot plate (quite literally!) which has rice, noodles, or pasta - sided with steaks of meat seared on high heat, sided with roasted or grilled veggies and gravy/sauce poured on top. The sizzling sound you hear when the yummy and spicy sauce is cascaded on the pile of spiced rice or noodles revels your penchant over the food for sure!

It is Summer and the markets are flooded with mangoes of all kinds, and it is not an unusual sight to find your local vendors selling these yellow and green beauties. Thought the ripe, juicy, sweet mangoes taste divine, there is something outstandingly tasty about the unripe, tangy green mangoes as well. They add a delicious twist to almost every recipe they are added to. 

Making an everyday meal which is filling and delicious is a task in itself. We have to decide on recipes which has some main course dishes with side dishes to make it a complete meal. So when it comes to easy and delicious, Gujarati food is the one which comes to our mind.

Kebabs are the perfect snacks when it comes to parties. The grilled, smoky, almost melt in your mouth feel of kebabs can get one hooked almost instantaneously. The word Kebab came from an Arabic word 'Cabob' which means to burn. It is believed that they first gained popularity in the Middle East, but with time became a popular grilled dish across countries.

Plantain is a blessed plant with all its useful parts. Banana is a delicious fruit and the plantain leaves are used instead of plates on auspicious days (Especially in South India) and special occasions when a complete elaborate festive menu of recipes are prepared. The plantain stem or banana stem is also one such part of this plant which has many benefits on consumption. 

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The weekend is here and so is the dilemma that comes along with wanting to treat your family to an amazing spread of some delicious food. This weekend cook a Karnataka Style lunch for the fam and have them drooling. The Kannada cuisine is one amongst the oldest surviving cuisines tracing its origin to iron age, and find mentions in historical works as well. The cuisine is influenced by neighbouring states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Maharashtra.

Mexican main course dish of Corn flour tortillas wrapped on meat, assorted mashed or sauted veggies arranged one after the other in a bone china lasagna pan is so welcoming when you want to have a Mexican inspired weekend dinner. The enchiladas are often smothered with chilli pepper sauce or custom made sauce to fit the delicious filling within. This enchilada is usually incomplete without the grated melt-in-the-mouth lavish cheese on top. There are sweet version of enchiladas that are also made with fruits as filling, as in Apple Enchilada Recipe, which makes for a fine dessert.

Deciding on our everyday meal becomes difficult sometimes when we also have to fulfil the daily intake of necessary nutrients. And one of such important nutrients is protein that is necessary for our body. We are always in dilemma about what to cook for lunch or dinner which is healthy and delicious at the same time and enjoyed by kids too.

Pav Bhaji and Vada Pav are two popular dishes which comes to our mind as soon as we hear the word ‘Pav’. These two dishes are famous all over India and are loved by everyone. But do you know other than these two, there are many more Pav recipe which are very famous in Maharashtra. If you have ever been to Mumbai, you will know that Pav is loved and enjoyed by almost everyone there and different types of pav recipes are sold on street, making them Maharashtra’s popular street food.

Unlike its name, peanuts aren't really nuts, but are legumes belonging to the beans and pea family. True to its nature of being a legume, peanuts are also an excellent source of protein.They are called Moongphali in Hindi, Kadale Kaayi in Kannada, Shengdaane in Marathi et al. India is one amongst the leading producer of peanuts in the world and peanuts are available easily all through the year across the country. They are also classified as nuts because the possess the characteristics of other nuts like almonds, cashew nuts etc. 

When we think of Pumpkin, we think of the Halloween week, but they have no limitations. Pumpkins are versatile and are used across the globe in many ways. Pumpkin is an all time favorite vegetable be it the Pumpkin Sabzi cooked at home or the Pumpkin Spice Latte at your favourite coffee shop. Pumpkin is an all season vegetable that's available throughout the year and they are extremely nutritious and low in calories. They are a rich source of Vitamin A and antioxidants which are good for vision and our body tissues. 

Dill belongs to the herb family, with a delicate taste to it, and is somewhat sweetly aromatic. Fresh dill is available in the market during summers and early fall, where as dried dill can be found throughout the year. Dill can be found in the form of fresh sprigs, dried leaves or dried seeds. Using fresh dill is the best as it brings out the most flavors of the herb and adds a tasty grassy taste to dishes. 

The new season of IPL has begun and aren't we all excited about the matches that are happening and cheering for our favorite teams? We are all so thrilled watching our home teams play and can't wait for them to take home the Trophy. Watching the IPL match is also another excuse to hang out with friends and family, and this is made even better with the addition of delicious snacks.

While we are already almost half through the season and the finals are not too far, we thought what better way to celebrate your favourite team, than by cooking up recipes that represent your teams. So bring together your near and dear ones, and celebrate cricket, the IPL season, your favourite teams with some delicious food.

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When it comes to preparing a tasty spread for the family, it might seem like a daunting task to select a few recipes from the river of recipes that are available given every country, every state, every community et al has recipes that are their own. This becomes even more of an uphill task, when you need to stick to a particular cuisine for a complete meal.

It is usually said that we should eat three meals a day, but we end up getting hungry after 2 to 3 hours after each meal. While you can munch on small snacks between breakfast and lunch as their is a short gap, we need something filling during our tea time with our Chai/Coffee to beat our hunger till dinner.

Weekend, this word itself brings a smile on our face! We finally get a break after busy and hectic 5 week days and we want to make full use of it. And what can be better than starting our weekend with delicious breakfast. Well, there are many recipes to make for the breakfast, but Pancakes are our favourite. Different flavours, toppings and sauce makes us drool over this dish again and again.