4 Types Of Cake Recipes You Must Try Baking At Home

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In the world of decadent desserts, baked cakes have always had a special place to look for. Have you ever observed that the cakes are just the variations of bread?! Well, even we never keep our thoughts just to that.

Sometimes, you just need a cake!

Without many questions, we just dig into a soft, moist and fluffy cake with rich flavour and mild aroma bite after bite, only to be marvelled; marvelled at its possibilities of making a cake variant that people would eventually fall in love with. Cake traces its first accounted recipes back to Greece and England. Butter cakes, sponge cakes, yeast cakes, layer cakes, are all the broad categories of cake.

Cakes can be baked along with various fruits, fruit preserves, or blended along with other desserts like chocolate, cookies or ice creams. The cakes can also have different frostings on ganache to top them up and natural adorations like fruits or more artfully arranged frosting to decorate this delicious food.

A party without a cake is just a meeting – Julia Child

Making delicious cakes at home for either snacking or when you are planning for a house party can be really engaging. You will love the feedback when the crowd likes your cake and helps themselves to a second serving.

Follow the exact measurements is the rule of thumb to be followed while baking. You can be experimental in creating your own cake with adding fruits, decorations and the likely, but measurements are important while baking a cake. Beside an oven, a mixing bowl and a hand mixer majorly, we need cake pans to bake the cake at home. Here are a few cakes that can be made with various cake pans.

Bundt Cake Recipes

You can make most of the bundt cakes for tea time. Strawberry Bundt cake is healthy and filled with the goodness of oats, and muesli. You can also make cake by adding Bailey's Irish cream and instant coffee powder to make Irish bundt cake with caster sugar, butter and milk frosting. Cake with apple in Every bite and crunch of almonds can also be created in the bundt way of baking.

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Spring form Recipes

Most of the cheesecakes and the cakes with frosting that we use for birthdays can be made in a spring form cake pan. The purpose is to get the whole cake in its full form without loosing the outer layer. The frosting can be applied evenly with this technique of spring form baking. You can make brownies,  rum cakes or upside down cakes in the pan.

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Loaf Cake Recipes

Sponge cakes can swirl cakes are best made in a loaf pan, where the texture of the cake can be seen and enjoyed as well. Even the cakes that have dry fruits and nuts can also be prepared in a loaf pan to give a maximum view of the slice of cake on plate. Usually these loaf cakes seldom come with a frosting, unless, more natural ingredients like cheese or nuts on top.

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Cupcake Recipes

We all wish we could have a personal cake all for ourselves. These delicious small pieces of heaven are many times served with a buttercream based frosting on top that makes them look even more Godly. Make the cupcakes in batches for the house parties you plan next time for kids. You can bake a batch for the upcoming birthday of your kid or just indulge in baking when you feel like treating the family with something sweet.

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