15 Mutton Curries You Can Relish During The Month Of Ramadan

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The month of Ramadan has already started! And when it comes to festivals, we can think only about food. This one month, Muslims all over the world celebrate the festival with delicious and mouth watering food. They keep fast for one month to show their faith in the religion. Ramadan fasting is done from dawn to dusk and is known to purify the soul. They eat before the sun rises after their prayer and eat only after the sun has set in the evening.

During this one month of Ramadan, everyone including friends and family eat together and huge variety of veg and non veg items are served to break the fast. From delicious curries, kebabs to biryanis, you name it and they will have it as a part of their scrumptious meal. Therefore, we have come up with a variety of Mutton curries from different regions of India that you can make at home. You can serve these curries along with your favourite Indian bread or Biryanis. These curries are different from each other because of its taste which comes from the use of different local spices and method of cooking used to prepare these Mutton recipes.

As the east continues for many days, you can cook different type of curries every day to impress your friends and family. These curries requires day to day ingredients and are also easy to make. Spice up your meal with these 15 appetising Mutton curries and enjoy the festival of Ramadan.