Awe-Inspiring Meal Of 10 Apt Combos With Bengali Vegetarian Meal Menu

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Bengali cuisine is known for its non-vegetarian dishes. But what we also should know, is its versatility when it comes to vegetarian recipes as well. Characterised by regional masalas like panch phoron, ingredients like coconut and poppy seeds, steaming and slow cooking methods – Bengali recipes are a notch higher like the politely spoken Bengali language itself.

There is profuse use of potatoes, bhindi, jackfruit and parwal but nonetheless, there are a plethora of possibilities with amazing combinations to bring out the best taste in each meal. Their meal is incomplete without rice, and flatbreads or occasionally, luchi- a Bengali fried bread. We have handpicked apt combinations of Bengali dishes with raitas and salads to make the meal complete. Plan out your weeknight dinners or weekend lunch with these Bengali combos and heartily enjoy the Bengali – inspired meal for you and your whole family together. Relish the best picks of vegetarian recipes of Bengali cuisine with these combinations!