5 Coffee Based Drinks You Cannot Miss Out On

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If you are anything like us, getting your sluggish self to go on with your daily activities without the boost of coffee might be an absolute task. Coffee is literally the foundation of our food pyramid and we gawk in awe at those who can function without it. We have an OCD (PS. obsessive coffee disorder) when it comes to this bitter sweet beverage.

Now we are all for the basic yet classic coffee that is the go to for most of us on most days, to give ourselves a kick start early in the day, or to get through late night work or studies, actually just about anything, morning, evening, night anytime is coffee time, but every once in a while we can deviate from our absolute devotion to our regular coffee and give new versions like Arabic green coffee, coffee smoothie, coffee latte, et al a try, we never know which might end up being our new favorite.

So here's bringing you a few versions of coffee you must try!