10 Panna Cotta Recipes To End Dinner With A Sweet Note

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When you have dinner parties at home, it is a great idea to prepare a lot of partial prep and cooking in advance, isn’t it? We would love to engage socially in conversation with friends, when they arrive, rather than being held in cooking. Panna Cotta is a delicious idea of a make ahead dessert.

Panna cotta is one of the Italian favourites that is easy to make and delightful to present. Panna cotta is analogous to “cooked cream”. Basic ingredients to make this dessert are cream, gelatin, sugar and flavouring. These are dissolved to make a cream to set and then served with fresh and seasonal fruits, or fruit coulis and the likely. One can explore a lot of possibilities with variations in presentation and trust me, the plain panna cotta itself looks simple yet appealing!

Here are a few panna cotta recipes that you will definitely love! Make this crowd pleaser recipe in individual serving shots, bowls or ramekins and adorn with seasonal fruits, or get yet more innovative in presentation. After all, great culinary skills never fail to impress family and friends!

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