Make These 9 Easy & Tasty Cake Recipes Without An Oven

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Sweet tooth is an inherent attribute found in everybody. Some crave for traditional and regional sweets and some crave for something that is totally exotic. Cakes are a popular form of dessert bonne bouche. Usually cake batter is prepared with flour, eggs, flavouring and fruits et al. to bake the batter for stipulated time. One of the crucial element to make a perfect cake lies in perfect measurements and perfect baking technique and time. Many of us find it difficult to make a cake because it involves baking and needs an oven. Any mess up in baking might result in overdone or underdone cakes, wasting the whole effort.

What if we tell you there are yummy cakes that can be made without involving baking? These 9 absolutely no bake cakes make it further easy to prepare cakes without oven being mandatory part of the recipe itself. Fudges and cakes based on crackers as a base (like cheesecakes or mousse) can be prepared in this way. You can also substitute various flavours and add in natural ingredients, once you get a fair idea of how these no bake cakes are made. Try them for your next party or a family occasion and definitely let us know what you innovated yourself, inspired with these recipes. Make. No bake. And Indulge!

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