10 Mouth Watering Waffle Recipes You Can't Resist Eating

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There is this famous quote by American writer Lauren Myracle which goes "You should eat waffle! You can't be sad if you eat a waffle!", but for us we eat waffle when sad, when happy, when hungry, basically anytime is waffle time. Waffle is a decadently delicious dish that is made with leavened batter or dough pressed and baked between two iron plates to give it its shape and structure. There are a number of variations in waffles based on the type of waffle iron and recipe you choose to use. Waffle batter is also versatile because the same batter can be used to prepare pancakes as well. It is also said that A Waffle is like a pancake with a syrup trap.

Waffles are consumed all over the world but are particularly famous in Belgium where there are more than a dozen of its varieties. Depending on what you fancy, waffles can be made sweet or savoury by changing the ingredients. Also, now a number of waffle plates are available to give you waffles of different shapes and sizes. 

Waffles make for an excellently delicious breakfast option, and also a great evening snack along with coffee. You can top waffles with fruits, maple syrup, nuts, honey, ice cream, savoury falafels, mushrooms, vegetables et al, whatever works best for your taste buds. Waffles can be made super healthy too by using nutritious ingredients like ragi, buckwheat, vegetables, et al.

What's stopping you? Try from our amazing list of waffle recipes, and let us know which one was your favourite!