12 Samosa Recipes To Enjoy During Monsoon With Your Hot Cup Of Tea

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A cup of hot masala chai and some samosas are enough to enjoy a rainy day. With monsoons just around the corner, we all think of some recipes which we can make to enjoy the weather. We all have that memory of childhood, when our mothers used to make hot snacks or our father used to get piping hot samosas from market. Well, you can always revive the old memories by making different types of Samosas at home.

Usually, we make Samosas filled with Potato and Onion Masala which is flavoured with spices. But, do you know there are many other delicious fillings you can make for the same. From Paneer to different vegetables, you can always experiment with your samosas and surprise your family and friends with these mouth watering and tasty samosas. For a healthy version of the same, you can bake them instead of deep frying.

So, here we have lined up 12 delightful Samosa recipes that you can serve on a rainy day, make them as a starter for your house party or serve them as tea time snacks. So what are you waiting for? Indulge yourself in these tasty samosas this monsoon.