6 Delightful Savoury Pie Recipes For Your Weekend Dinner

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When you think of pies, all you can think of is sweet dessert pies, but here we have some delicious and delightful savoury pies just for you. Savoury pies are a satisfyingly filling food perfect for days when the temperatures are lower than usual. Their delicious aroma is sure to warm you up in heavenly ways.

Savoury pies have now become less popular, but they were primal in the category in Medieval Europe with belief that meat pies were the very first pies. Pies are usually round in shape with their crust being flaky, light and crispy oftentimes covering the top of the pie. 

Savoury Pies are a great meal option when you have friends and family coming over and want to cook something delicious yet not over the top when it comes to its simplicity. Pies make for a delicious and filling meal option and often times suffices on its own without other complementary dishes. The next time you have friends and family over, cook up some drool worthy pies which will not only leave them feeling full, but also elated. We have put together a few savoury pie recipes you can try that is filled with goodness of tasty fillings.