10 Karnataka Saaru Recipes For Your Everyday Lunch

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Karnataka cuisine is considered as one of the oldest cuisine that has been survived since Iron Age. The cuisine has offered a lot to the neighboring states such as Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Kerala and Maharashtra in shaping up their cuisine. As every region’s ingredients change depending on the place, even Karnataka’s cuisine is widely divided based on its local produce and region. 

Karnataka’s cuisine is broadly divided into Udupi cuisine, Malenad cuisine, Kodagu cuisine, North Canara cuisine, Mangalorean cuisine and Navayath cuisine. But a typical “Kannadiga oota “should consist of Kosambari, Palya, Gojju, Thove, Chitranna, Anna (Steamed Rice), Uppu (Salt), Pickle and ended with a Payassa (dessert).

The Steamed rice can be served with a variety of soup based curries called as "Saaru", that change depending on the cooking technique. There are few famous curries that most of the Kannadigas prepare in their day to day cooking.

  • Huli – A blend of vegetables and lentils that cooked with spices and coconut and tempered with hing, mustard seeds, curry leaves and dry red chilli.
  • Majjige Huli – It refers to a curd based curry with coconut, which is accompanied with any kind of vegetable.
  • Tovve – These are dishes that have a mushy texture because of the lentils that is cooked till it is soft and creamy and mixed with vegetables.
  • Soppina Saaru – It is a great combination of lentils and greens (especially spinach).
  • Obbattu Saaru – A very famous curry made from the leftover stuffing of obbattu.
  • Kaalu Saaru – A coconut curry based curry with any kind of legumes used. Popularly black chickpeas and black eyed peas.
  • Gojju – The consistency of a gojju is more similar to a chutney that is made thicker and quiet tangy.
  • Saagu – This type of dish refers to a mixed vegetable gravy made with coconut as a base. It is similar to a korma.