7 Spring Roll Recipes To Serve As An Appetiser During Your House Parties

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After the usual weekday food, we crave for something delicious during the weekends. While some of us prefer going out and dining during the end of the week, some of us prefer house parties with our friends and family. When it comes to house parties, the focus goes on the food. As our friends visit and family gather, we always want to chit chat a little bit over drinks and appetisers before moving on to the main course.

There are a lot of appetisers to choose from different cuisines which are mouth watering and one of them is Spring Roll. Spring rolls are basically thin sheets which are stuffed with your favourite vegetable, meat or fruits and rolled into a cylindrical form. They are loved by everyone, from kids to adults in the family. You can make the fried ones using all purpose flour as the outer part or for a healthy option, you can use the rice paper sheets. These spring rolls also go well with your hot cup of tea or coffee when served during tea parties.

So what are you waiting for? Next time you have a house party, impress your guests with these 7 lip smacking and delightful spring rolls and serve them as an appetiser with your favourite beverage.