21 Delciious & Traditional Goan Recipes

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Sun, Sand & Beach, this is how we define Goa! It is one of the smallest states in India, but is very popular nationally and internationally for its beaches, parties and historic sites. But Goa is much more than this, when it comes to its food and culture. Goan food is one of the reasons tourists gets attracted to this place because it is different, delicious, seriously addictive and as exotic as Goa. A trip to Goa can relax your mind and body and so can the Goan food.

Goan food is absolutely mouth watering and appetising, as it is prepared with the local spices which are intense due to its tropical climate. Other traditional ingredients which are used in their daily food are rice, coconut, kokum and fish. While the sea food recipes are very popular in Goa, there vegetarian recipes are inviting too. The Goan cuisine is very different from the states surrounding it due to its unique flavour and ingredients.

Here we have lined up some of the delicious recipes from the Goan cuisine which you can cook in your kitchen with daily ingredients.